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Expat guide: Renting a home in Moscow

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Here's a short guide to renting a house in Moscow, from rental regulations to the historical significance of your new flat in Moscow.

Renting versus buying a home in Moscow is a common dilemma expats face when they arrive in their new location. You will need to take many factors into consideration before deciding, including how long you plan to live in your new country of residence and the current property market.

Unless your company provides expat apartments, or you can find something through friends, it is advisable to go through a reliable rental agency. The Expatica Renting section offers a host of useful articles to get you started.

Moscow apartments: Living through history explains not only the variety of flat options in Moscow, but also the historical significance of building architecture style throughout a Moscow timeline from its Tsarist-era to its modern-day feats. And get a glimpse of other expat opinions around Europe in our article, An expat view of housing in Europe.

What a good rental agent should know
As one Expatica article states: “A good agent should be able to tell you about the market, city, price and quality of housing—as well as restrictions that apply to expats, arrange visits for you, negotiate with landlords and provide a contract in English. Make sure they have a good choice of properties on their books.”

Rules and regulations for expat renting will differ depending on where you live. Therefore, make sure that you understand the terms of your rental contract. The article ‘Renting a home in Moscow’, for instance, outlines basic tenants’ rights, landlord's paperwork, rental agreements and more when renting privately in the Moscow.  

Your questions about renting answered
Visit Expatica’s Ask the expert section to ask one of our advisors for advice on expat renting in Moscow. Common questions include, ‘If the owner of his rental property is not prompt or does not make major repairs what can the tenant do?’ and ‘My rental agency does not want to return the fianza, as I cannot prove how much the previous month's gas bill was?’

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