Buying property in Moscow

Expat guide: Buying a house in Moscow

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Here's an introduction to buying a house in Moscow, including helpful guides on buying and selling, mortgages and where to find the right agency.

'Should I rent or buy a home? ' is one of the most common questions expats ask upon arrival at their new location. The answer depends on several factors, including how long you plan to stay in your new country of residence, the current property market and the cost of an expat mortgage. An expat view on housing in Europe can help guide you to realising what best suits your needs.

Once you have made your decision, you will need to find a suitable house or apartment. Identifying a trustworthy and experienced local estate agent early in the process is advisable.

International mortgages
An expert in international mortgages states that one of the major effects of the credit crunch in Europe has been the willingness of banks to lend affordable mortgages. But property, like other assets, is subject to cycles of growth and decline.

So be sure to research the property market and local interest rates for international mortgages in Moscow. Requirements for international mortgages vary from country to country and articles such as Buying a home in Moscow offer clear and helpful advice on property searching, checking history, purchasing expenses, bank fees, notarisation and more.

Especially if you don’t speak the local language, it is worth seeking professional advice on your expat mortgage details and building permits. You can search for English-speaking mortgage advisors and estate agents in Expatica’s A-Z listings under the Financial & Banking category and also the dozen agencies listed under our Housing category.

Advantages and disadvantages of buying a home
An Expatica housing survey shows that expats across Europe believe the advantages of home ownership include long-term investment, building up capital and the freedom to renovate one's home.

The survey also showed that expats, when taking out mortgages and buying homes, experienced problems such as complicated administrative procedures, high taxes and legal fees, incompetent real estate agents, high prices and a lack of public records for house-price comparison.

New to buying real estate? Learn the top mistakes made by real estate investors to avoid classic or amateur slip ups.

Selling your house
Last, if you are selling and moving on, articles such as ‘How to prepare your house for sale’ can prove invaluable.

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