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Expat guide to studying in Moscow

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If you're looking to study in Moscow, here’s a short guide to higher education options in Moscow.

Choosing a university in Moscow
If you are already living outside your home country, selecting a university or college education will depend on the field of study you are interested in, and the higher education system in Moscow.

Besides the system and quality of teaching, you will have to take into account financial support given to the national universities and research institutions by the government in your country of residence, including international scholarships. Click here to go straight to our A-Z listings of universities in Moscow.

Even if the country you are living in does not have a reputation for quality higher education, there will always be individual centres of excellence. Check out ratings on the internet such as Expatica’s listing of the best business schools worldwide, which will help you to choose a university in your country or city of residence.

Student exchange programmes in Moscow
Students wishing to study abroad can take advantage of a student exchange programme to go to a university or college outside of their home country. As well as educating the students in their chosen field of study, these programmes enable the expat students to learn a new language and culture.

Naturally, students need to carry out adequate research so they can be well-prepared for the university application process. But parents can also help. Read an expert’s advice to both students and parents on how to get through the stressful application process.

Part-time and online programmes
Higher education programmes for expats and accompanying spouses can sharpen skills, improve self-esteem and help ensure that an expatriate's assignment is a success.

If you can’t find anything suitable within the country, you may also want to consider the option of distance learning. The Open University offers a variety of courses, most of which expat students can study singly or combine with others to obtain a qualification. Student can choose the order, timing and type of courses they want, and can study online from anywhere in the world.

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