Moving to Portugal
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Removals to Portugal

Removals to Portugal: Options for relocating to Portugal


What's the best way to relocate your belongings, furniture and car? This expat guide on removals to Portugal explains the pros and cons of each option for relocating to Portugal.

Internet in Portugal

Setting up internet in Portugal


Getting connected to internet in Portugal is often a priority after you move to Portugal. Read how to get internet access in Portugal.

Portuguese driving licence

How to get a Portuguese driving licence as a foreigner


Find out if you need a Portuguese driving licence as a foreigner, whether by taking a driver licence test in Portuguese, arranging a Portuguese driving licence exchange or using an international driving permit in Portugal.

Television in Portugal

Setting up television in Portugal


Get signed up to Portugal TV with this guide to television in Portugal, including a list of Portuguese television channels and a guide on how to get English TV in Portugal.

Portugal country code

Call Portugal: Phones, mobiles and Portugal country code


A guide on how to call Portugal, Portugal's country code and how to connect to telephone and mobile providers in Portugal.

The common challenges of expat repatriation


Thinking about going home? We have put together a handy list of three challenges every expat encounters when repatriating abroad and how to overcome them.

The cheapest and most expensive countries to live in abroad for expats


Looking to relocate where your money goes the furthest? Here is the expat's guide to the cheapest and most expensive countries to live in on 2016, according to the latest Mercer Cost of Living survey.

Top 15 most popular countries for British expats

15 most popular countries for British expats


Around 4.2 million Brits have made a life overseas, but which countries do they now call home?

Guide to relocating overseas

Guide to relocating overseas: Important things to consider

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Moving your life overseas is no easy task but considering several factors before relocating — like finances, property and healthcare among others — certainly takes off the pressure from your impending move.

Tip for settling in a new country for expats

Top tips for settling into your new country as an expat


Despite an initial settling-in process, expats say they are loving life in their adopted countries and are there to stay, reveals new research from AXA PPP International.

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