Having a baby in Portugal

Having a baby in Portugal

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If you're planning to give birth in Portugal, we outline the process of having a baby in Portugal and include a list of midwives and hospitals.

When it comes to giving birth in a foreign country, information is key. We outline what you need to know as you prepare for your baby's arrival.
Prenatal care in Portugal
Maternity care is covered by the national health system and a mother is generally free to choose the public hospital she prefers, otherwise it will be the public hospital in her area unless another is requested by her practitioner. A woman may also choose to receive private care if she is insured. You can find a listing of some of the private and public maternity hospitals in Portugal below.
Prenatal (public) care can take place at a hospital but is mainly carried out in health centres (centro de saúde), with only the last weeks of prenatal care taking place in a hospital or in the case of some specific health conditions. During the first appointment the mother will receive a Pregnancy Booklet (Boletim de Saúde da Grávida) in which her doctor will record ongoing medical information as the pregnancy progresses. 
The birth itself will also take place in the maternity ward of the hospital. Home births are very rare in Portugal but there is growing interest in this and other alternative birthing options. You are free to choose your own midwife to assist in a home birth. 
A midwife may be present to assist the doctor with the delivery, and one other person is generally allowed in the room during labour, usually a partner or friend.
You can also opt to use the services of a doula, who provide advice and emotional support; however, as doulas are not trained health professionals, they may only be allowed to enter the birthing room if the hospital has specific policies for this, or if they enter instead of a partner/relative. The Doula Association of Portugal has a regional finder link at www.doulasdeportugal.org/pt/home.
We provide a short listing of English-speaking doulas and midwives below.
Registering the birth
After birth, the baby should be registered within 20 days at the Civil Registry Office. Check www.irn.mj.pt/sections/cidadaos for the registry office nearest you.
Post-natal care
Some expats complain that attitudes toward issues such as breast-feeding vs. the use of formula are a bit outdated in Portugal. Parents may want to visit sites such as the UK's NHS pregnancy care planner to obtain more up-to-date maternity information and advice.
Below you will find a short listing of English-speaking midwives as well as a listing of public and private maternity hospitals in Portugal.
Having a baby in Portugal

Maternity benefits in Portugal

In Portugal the maternity leave is paid at 100 percent salary rate for 120 consecutive days or in two separate periods of leave: 30 days before the birth of the child and 90 days after that. If the mother would like to extend her maternity leave up to 150 days, then the extra leave is paid at 80 percent rate of her salary.

Paternity leave is allowed for working fathers for five days after the birth of the baby. These days do not have to be consecutive. However, a new father may have the same leave rights as a new mother in certain cases: death of the mother, physical or psychological incapability of the mother, shared decision by both partners to switch roles in taking care of the baby.

English-speaking midwives:
Ana Ramos (based in Evora but also works in Lisbon area): 935-325-562 
Ana Raposeira (Caldas): 934-511-353 
Antonio Ferreira (a parteiro in Coimbra who also works in Lisbon area): 934-189-528, amr.ferreira@gmail.com 
Carla Silveira (Sintra): 968-221-869, doulacarlasilveira@gmail.com 
Dona Gloria (Lisbon): 919-661-759 
Eillis (a Peniche-based Irish midwife): 969-927-270 
Mary Zwart (Coimbra-based Dutch midwife): 937-401-883, Maryc.zwart@planet.nl 
For further information, check out the doula-finder at www.doulasdeportugal.org/pt/home.
Public maternity hospitals
*most public hospitals also have a maternity ward (see below)
Maternidade Doutor Alfredo da Costa
R Viriato , 1069-089 Lisboa. 213 184 000
Private maternity hospitals
Hospital Cuf Descobertas SA
R Mário Botas, 1998-018 Lisboa. 210 025 200 
Hospital Particular de Lisboa
Avenida Luís Bívar, nº 30,1º, 1069-142 Lisboa. 213 586 200 hopalis@hpl.pt
Hospital da Cruz Vermelha Portuguesa
R Duarte Galvão 54, 1549-008 Lisboa. 217 714 000 
Hospital da Luz SA
Avenida Lusíada,nº 100, 1500-650 Lisboa. 217 104 400 geral@hospitaldaluz.pt
Public hospitals
Hospital de Egas Moniz
R Junqueira, nº 126, 1349-019 Lisboa. 210 432 000
Hospital de Santa Cruz
Avenida Professor-Doutor Reinaldo Santos, 2795 Carnaxide. 210 433 000
Hospital de São Francisco Xavier
Estrada Forte A Duque, 1400-157 Lisboa. 210 431 000
Hospital Pulido Valente EPE
Alameda Linhas Torres 117, 1769-001 Lisboa. 217 548 000 
Hospital de Santa Maria EPE
Avenida Professor Egas Moniz , 1600-190 Lisboa. 217 805 000 
Hospital Curry Cabral
R Beneficência, nº 8, 1050 Lisboa. 217 993 527
Hospital Júlio de Matos
Avenida Brasil, nº 53, 1700-063 Lisboa. 217 917 000
Centro Hospitalar de Cascais
R Padre José M Loureiro, 2750-406 Cascais. 214 839 501 
Hospital Amadora Sintra-Sociedade Gestora SA
Estrada IC 19, 2720-276 2720-276 Amadora. 214 348 200 
Hospital dos Capuchos
Alameda St António Capuchos, 1150-314 Lisboa. 213 136 300
Instituto Português de Oncologia de Francisco Gentil
R Professor Lima Basto, 1070 Lisboa. 217 229 800
Hospital de São José
R José A Serrano, 1150-199 Lisboa. 218 841 000 
Hospital Dona Estefânia
Rua Jacinta Marto, 1169-045 Lisboa. 213 126 600
Private hospitals
Hospital Cuf Descobertas AS
R. Mário Botas, 1998-018 Lisboa.
Tel 210 025 200
Hospital St.Louis
R Luz Soriano, 182, Lisboa 1200-249 Lisboa.
Tel. 213 216 500
Hospital da Cruz Vermelha Portuguesa
R Duarte Galvão,nº 54, 1549-008 Lisboa.
Tel 217 714 000
Hospital da Luz SA
Avenida Lusíada,nº 100, 1500-650 Lisboa.
Tel 217 104 400
Hospital Particular de Lisboa
Avenida Luís Bívar,nº 30,1º, 1069-142 Lisboa.
213 586 200
Hospital Cuf Infante Santo
Travessa Castro, nº 3, 1350-070 Lisboa.
Tel 213 926 100
Hospital da Ordem Terceira
R Serpa Pinto, nº 7, 1200-442  Lisboa.
Tel. 213 230 300
British Hospital
R Saraiva Carvalho, nº 49, 1269-098 Lisboa.
Tel 213 943 100
HPA-Hospital Particular de Almada Lda
R Manuel Febrero, nº 85, Cova Pied, 2805-192 Almada.
Tel 212 723 680
British Hospital-Lisbon XXI SA
R Tomás Fonseca Torre-B, 1600 Lisboa.
Tel. 217 213 400


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