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Expat guide to healthcare in Portugal

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A guide to Expatica's information on healthcare in Portugal, including medical insurance, hospital listings, useful medical terms, and giving birth in Portugal.

The healthcare system in Portugal is likely to be widely different from the system in your homeland. It's important to know how expat medical care works, to know an expat's health expectations, and to make sure that your health coverage is to your preferred standard. This is especially important if you plan to have a baby abroad. Read Expatica’s guide to the healthcare system in Portugal on the healthcare channel and check out Expatica’s listings of health and wellness businesses.

Choosing a doctor
Choosing a doctor abroad for yourself and your family is your first order of business. Use word of mouth or the Internet to find a suitable doctor near you, one who can communicate with you adequately until you have a good grasp of the local language.  Consult our listing of hospitals in Portugal and take time to find out basic medical terms in Portuguese.

Don’t forget to ask for names of doctors provided by private health insurance for foreigners, and remember to contact a local dentist and have regular checkups. Prevention is the best cure. Expatica’s A-Z listing can help you to find expatriate healthcare in your area.

Having a baby abroad
For women, having a baby abroad can bring up deep feelings of insecurity. How different is the approach to childbirth in your new country to that in your homeland? Read about giving birth in Portugal, family and maternity benefits, and living in Portugal with children. Check out the Expatica forums to find out what other expat women feel about giving birth away from home.

Overseas health insurance
Are you on a company package or do you need to take out private health insurance for foreigners? Find out how health insurance in Portugal works and make sure that you have cover for all of the areas which are important to you.

Ask the expert

Use Expatica’s Ask the expert section to ask for general advice about the local health system.


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