5 health and fitness hacks for busy expats

5 health and fitness hacks for busy expats

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Are the daily responsibilities of your busy expat life causing you to put your health and fitness in the back burner? Kickstart your way into a better — healthier — version of yourself with these five easy hacks. [Contributed by MyHealth Today]

As a busy expat, do you find you have no time to exercise? Are you frustrated with the way you look and feel? Wish that you could kick start your health without impacting your busy daily schedule?

As a health coach, being bus, I hear, is the number one reason why people let their health decline. Trying to fit in visits to the gym around daily commitments like work, commuting, caring for the family, shopping and other household responsibilities is a real challenge for most of us.  

By the time we have gone through our daily ‘to do’ list, many of us are exhausted. We grab a take-away as we cannot face cooking, we collapse on the sofa and eventually, our head hits the pillow in preparation for the next day’s cycle of to-do’s. We feel tired — maybe even relieved — that we survived the day's list of responsibilities but, based on latest health statistics, two-thirds of us go-to bed overweight and unhappy with our appearance. 

How can we break this cycle of not having time to take care of ourselves? Here are five effective health and fitness hacks you can start now to find that inner wow factor:

1. Home workouts

Avoid the gym and save lots of time. No travel time, no waiting at the machines, no getting changed or using the lockers. Instead, do a 20 minute workout at home in your living room, balcony or garden. Most of us are not moving enough as we spend so much time behind a computer screen or on the couch. By performing a 20 minute workout 3–4 times a week, you will reactivate and maintain your body metabolism. An added bonus: if you travel a lot then you can perform the workouts at your business hotel. With a typical gym-based workout lasting around 45 minutes and travel/preparation time at 15 minutes each way, you can save up to four hours a week by exercising at home. 

Time saved: 4 hours per week 

2. Interval training

Not many of us like running around the local park for hours on end or even worse, running on the repetitive treadmill. Performing an interval training based workout has been scientifically proven to burn up to eleven times more calories in 20 minutes than a comparable amount of steady speed running time.  Do this four times a week and you are saving over three hours per week.  

Time saved: 3 hours per week 

3. Food preparation

We all know the importance of quality eating in improving our health. Keep it simple by preparing your food in bulk and storing it in plastic containers. Save time by making multiple meals at the same time. For example, on Monday evening, make a huge salad and put it into two separate containers. Add tuna to the first salad and eat it at Tuesday lunchtime, add chicken to the second salad and eat it on Wednesday lunchtime. On Wednesday evening, prepare a large stir-fry — eat one portion directly and save the second one for the following day and freeze the third one.  So, with just two cooking sessions you have made five meals and saved yourself at least an hour and half of shopping and preparation time. Repeat this a further two times during the week for a total of four cooking sessions. 

Time saved: 6 hours per week 

4. Turn your commute into a workout

Plan a workout around your commute, this way you kill two birds with one stone and save time. Run home from the office, do the workout at a park on the way home or split some of it between public transport and running the last section. One option that I’ve used a lot is to get changed in the office, put my office clothes in my car, do my exercise routine in the park near the office building, return to the car, stretch and drink some water and then use the driving time to recover from the exercising and grab a shower when I arrive home. Try a commute workout twice per week and arrive home energised.    

Time saved: 1 hour per week 

5. Rebooting and recharging

Having a mini power rest and recharging each day really helps with focus, stress and clarity. By lowering the heart rate through a simple  5–10 minute relaxation process, you can refocus and feel mentally prepared. Do this prior to leaving the house each day or during your commute (assuming you are not driving). Focus on deep breathing, clearing the mind, closing your eyes and not processing any thoughts.  Just be. You will emerge at the other end ready to hit your day.  

Time saved: Countless hours per week.

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To your health,

Coach Steve


Contributed by MyHealth.Today
MyHealth Today

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