Top European summer vacations

Top European summer vacations

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Soak up the sun, history, culture and night life in these must-see places in Spain, Italy, France and Greece — the most popular European vacation destinations for the Dutch during the summer. [Contributed by easyJet]

Since the sun doesn't come out as often as we would like in the Netherlands, you probably can’t wait to escape to warmer places. We selected the most beautiful, popular and exciting easyJet destinations in the top four holiday countries in Europe: Spain, Italy, France and Greece. 


Spain is a diverse country with many places to explore, but our top three summer destinations remain the same. Ibiza has everything — start the day tanning at Blue Marlin, have dinner at Lío and dance the night away at DC-10. After this, go on a one-day sailing adventure from Ibiza to Mallorca where you can stroll through the old town of Palma de Mallorca during the day and party at night. Cure your hangover the following day with a hike through Tramuntana while preparing for your last stop: Malaga. Lying next to the coast, this cosmopolitan city does not only provide an incredible nightlife, but culture as well. Alternate between delving into the town's rich history and relaxing on El Palo beach, which is famous for its ‘320 days of sunshine a year’ — you definitely won't be disappointed.

Top European vacations from the Netherlands this summer: Mallorca


Pizza, pasta, pesto and Parmesan — sometimes its easier than you think to know all the necessary words in a different language. This country, famous for its unbeatable taste in architecture, fashion, food and beauty, has an amazing island called Sicily. This island is home to Catania, a beautiful place nestled in the foothills of Mount Etna that is ideal for rejuvenation as well as soaking up some Sicilian history. Climb the volcano, enjoy the great wine and relax at one of the island's beautiful beaches, what more could you ask for?

Not far from Sicily is another island called Sardinia where the city of Olbia lays. Olbia is full of museums, monuments and churches but it’s also got something for adventurous travellers: caves. The beaches barely beat the beauty of the old town, but the hikes are definitely one of the island's points of pride. It’s impossible to get bored of Sardinia.

Top European vacations from the Netherlands this summer: Sicily


France: the top classic summer destination for the Dutch. Always good and forever amazing. Venture out of Paris and visit other beautiful French gems to really get to know the country. On the top of our list is Marseille, not only France’s oldest city but also its most colourful due to its mix of cultures. Marseille is where busy bazaar-style markets, 17th century cathedrals and an old bustling harbour battle it out for your attention, spare some time for the beautiful beaches as well.

When in Bordeaux, you drink Bordeaux. There are many great things about this gorgeous city, but the wine stays as the uncontested number one. Bike through the vineyards and experiment with different tastes because the more you try, the better they get. Voted as the best destination in 2015 for a reason, Bordeaux will be one of the prettiest cities you’ll ever see especially while walk near the water at night with the shimmering lights and twinkling stars in the background. Vive la France!

Top European vacations from the Netherlands this summer: Bordeaux


The Greek island of Rhodes knows more than 300 days of sunshine a year and is bordered by a crystal clear turquoise ocean and ancient monuments. Whether you are into water sports or simply want to spend the day meandering around an ancient Greek temple or two, this island has it all. Literally dive deeper into Rhodes' sea world and have your breath taken away by the divine reefs and underwater creatures swimming below its surface.

The other must-see place for the summer in Greece is Corfu. Not only does the island have a great museum, it has forts as well. You can go hiking on the Corfu trail or visit the town Palea Perithia but whatever you choose, you must do one thing: watch the sunset at Kanoni. This postcard-worthy picture is one you won't forget soon.

Top European vacations from the Netherlands this summer: Corfu


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Photo Credits: MARIA ROSA FERRE (Mallorca), Xellery (Bordeaux), Michael Button (Corfu).

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