LifeinAmsterdam: Best hot chocolate in Amsterdam

LifeinAmsterdam: Best hot chocolate in Amsterdam

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One upside to biking in the winter is the guilt-free licence to drink gallons of cacao. Need to warm up? Visit our favourite hot cacao places!

Patisserie Pompadour, one of the best pastry shops in Amsterdam, makes hot cacao the authentic way: first heating the milk, then melting a scoop of dark chocolate and finally mixing these two ingredients. All by hand, all with love - and that can be tasted. 

  • Patisserie Pompadour Tearoom, Huidenstraat 12, Nine little streets.
  • Pompadour Lunchroom, Kerkstraat 148 in the Antique District ‘Spiegelkwartier', Amsterdam Centre.

For Italian hot cacao, a warm chocolate fondant topped with cold cream, head to Tazzina for their Cioccolata Calda. Unfortunately for your taste buds, yet fortunately for your cholesterol level, no cream is served with the melted chocolate. They generally make the chocolate milky Dutch style, meaning with a lot of full cream milk. However, if you want a true ciccolata calda Italian-style, tell them, and they'll be easy with the warm milk. Types of Eraclea chocolate milk served are the regular milk (half dark) chocolate and dark chocolate, but also white chocolate milk, hot chocolate with coffee and hot chocolate with hazelnut flavour.

  • Tazzina Bilderdijkstraat 140, Da Costa area, and Tazzina Brouwersgracht 139, Jordaan, Amsterdam.

Metropolitan Deli has conquered my sugar-loving heart and inspired me to write this post. Upon my last visit, a cold wet December morning, I was welcomed with a three-sips-cup of hot chocolate. Or should I say choc syrup? The drink was quite thick, more resembling melted choc than chocolate milk. What I loved was the ‘bite' of the drink, making me suspect that a little chili pepper had been dropped in the chocolate fountain. When asking the friendly lady behind the counter about this, she just smiled at me and gave me a wink.

Hotel Chocolat offers people to ‘escape' from their busy lives. In the back of this chocolate ‘boutique', there is a partially hidden staircase. Mount it and find a Coffee vs Cocoa bar. 

  • Hotel Chocolat, Heiligeweg 7, Amsterdam Centre. Open daily during regular shopping hours.

LifeinAmsterdam: Best hot chocolate in AmsterdamIs it a jewelry shop? A modern art gallery? A lounge place? No! It's a  fruit and chocolate bar. Besides outstanding presentation, Lite/Dark knows how to make you feel good about indulging in their sweet treats. Their hot cocao description (see photo): ‘The dark chocolate shot. Gives an oxygen boost to the brain. Makes you concentrate, alert, awake, energetic, warm and happy. Forget coffee. Just before work, after lunch, dinner or in the middle of the night. Any time!'


  • Lite/Dark, Utrechtsestraat 22, Centre, Amsterdam.

Less artisan, but still impressive for a popular bar, is the hot chocolate served at Café de Jaren. You receive a glass of hot milk with a lollypop of dark sugar-free chocolate on the side. You yourself stir the lollypop in the milk to dissolve the chocolate. Add sugar to get your own made perfect cup of love! And in the summer, this bar has a lovely terrace along the Amstel River.

LifeinAmsterdam: Best hot chocolate in AmsterdamThree best Amsterdam coffee bars also take the extra mile to serve a proper hot cocoa. For address details, visit the link

  • Brandmeester: 100%  pure cocoa, hand mixed with fresh warm milk, and for the little ones, served in a chocolate-coated biscuit cup (see photo), which is divine (even when you are, like me, a little bit older).
  • Two for Joy - everything is made with love here... I'm sure you'll taste that in their hot chocolate too. Will review soon.
  • De Espressofabriek - dark chocolate chips with warm milk poured over. YUM!

Kira Nijenhuis / Expatica

Kira NijenhuisKira Nijenhuis blogs about her Amsterdam discoveries on She explores the city's beautiful and authentic side; from cool cocktails and luscious lunch places to century old bars and true local things to do. 


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