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Flowently Dutch language crawl

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New in town & language? Join the Flowently Dutch language crawl. [Contributed by Flowently]

Meet in a cafe

Your language crawl will start in a local cafe where you meet up with your Flowently tutor and practise your Dutch chat over a cup of coffee. Are you completely new to Dutch? Learn some basic ‘magic phrases’ that will change your life in Holland. Our crawls are available for all language levels. Please let us know what level you are at when signing up. 

In the streets of Rotterdam

Naturally, you won’t stay at the cafe: your tutor will take you out into the Dutch language-jungle for some live language experiences. How about asking directions or practise pronunciation of street names, so the next time you get into a cab you’ll arrive at the right spot? 

Meet the locals and have fun

In one and a half hours you will learn some useful phrases and practise your Dutch skills set: order a drink, shop at the market, small talk, chat with vendors and practise numbers. In the meantime, you will discover specialty stores, hidden secrets in town and learn more about the beautiful city of Rotterdam. Meet the locals and have fun!

Flowently Dutch lessons

About Flowently

Flowently’s unique, live language teaching is smart and makes learning Dutch much easier.

You will develop natural Dutch conversational skills in a fun, realistic context, meeting locals and learning with the guidance of a personal tutor. Live language sessions will teach you ‘the magic phrases’, so you are conversing like a native in no time. Frustrated, need to speak real-life Dutch? You can find our tutors in all major cities in the Netherlands. Set your goal & learn what is relevant for YOU!

Where and when

Cafe Kade 4
Spaansekade 4
3011 ML

July 15th and July 29th from 1.30 pm to 3pm.

How much does it cost?

Free of charge; you are welcome! Just buy your own drinks while you are ‘crawling in Dutch’. 

What should I bring?

Pen & paper and a shopping bag.

Tip: Download free E-book ‘Dutch on the go!’ beforehand.

Yes, I want to join

To join a crawl send an email beforehand to anja@flowently.com with your:

  • Name
  • Mobile number                                         
  • Email address
  • Current level of Dutch


Tutors Rafaa and Sasha look forward to meeting you in Rotterdam.


Contributed by Flowently.


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