Expat groups and clubs in the Netherlands - Part II

Expat groups and clubs in the Netherlands - Part II

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Here is part II of our guide: Educational / Professional, Expatriate, Family, Fine Arts, Food & Wine, Gay & Lesbian, Language / Conversation, Music, Photography, Political, Religion, and Social.


Society of English-Native-Speaking Editors (SENSE)
Email: secretary@sense-online.nl
Website: http://www.sense-online.nl/

SENSE was set up in 1990 by a group of English-native-speaking editors. It has grown rapidly and they now have more than 300 members, many of whom also work as translators, copywriters and teachers of English writing skills. 


The Hague International Network (THIN)
Address: The Hague
Contact: Marianne van Zon
Tel: 070 306 2211
Fax: 070 358 7921
Email: thin@planet.nl
Website: http://thin.residentie.net/

THIN is a place for the international community to meet and develop relationships of all kinds. The purpose of THIN is to create a social environment where a diverse international group of professionals can meet, reflect, exchange ideas, discuss and develop new business contacts. The reason for the gatherings is more informal in nature since they are usually held towards the end of the working day.


Toastmasters Club
Contact: Bill Monsour
Address: Hilton Hotel, Apollolaan 138, 1077 BG Amsterdam
Email: amsterdamtoastmasters@yahoo.com
Website: http://www.toastmasters.nl/
Meetings: Every 2nd and 4th Friday of the month (except for holidays)
Time: 19:30 - 21:30.

Toastmasters is an international non-profit organisation dedicated to improving the public speaking and leadership skills of its members. The organisation is built-up by local clubs, each one independent and self-organised, consisting of 20 - 50 persons who meet regularly. During these meetings members perform different public speaking activities: prepared or unprepared speeches or evaluations of other members' speeches, thus creating a mutually supportive and friendly environment that enables members to steadily improve their public speaking and presentation skills. The club is open to everyone who has a reasonable command of English and is over 18 years of age.



Alliance Française de La Haye
Address: Kettingstraat 2, 2511 AN The Hague
Tel: 070 362 1523
Fax: 070 362 1743
Email: info@aflahaye.nl
Website: http://www.aflahaye.nl/


Amsterdam Expat Meetup Group

A social club for Amsterdam expats with an international membership that includes both recently relocated Expats and long term residents. The primary goal is to meet interesting people and make new friends. While the group is primarily focused on expats, native Dutch are also encouraged to join.

British Club of The Hague
Address: Nieuwe Duinweg 25, 2587 AB The Hague
Tel: 070 346 1973
Email: info@britishclubthehague.nl
Website: http://www.britishclubthehague.nl/

British Society of Amsterdam (BritSoc)
Contact: Stephen Huyton
Address: Postbus 7429, 1007 JK Amsterdam 
Email: chair@britsoc.nl
Website: http://www.britsoc.nl/

It provides a forum to meet new people, get more out of life here and settle into a new environment. It welcomes all English speakers to its extensive range of events. They welcome all members from 8 to 80 (and beyond). The society aims to offer 'something for everyone' regardless of age, nationality and interests. Regular activities range from the more active weekly sporting events such as badminton and squash to less physically demanding but equally fun events such as restaurant, pub, dance and film nights. The Society's 'Mothers and Others' group provides invaluable contact for spouses with young children. Many other members enjoy the bridge nights, play, reading and book club events, and many other things.


Canadian Expatriates Club of Amsterdam (CECA)
Contact: Laurie Henderson
Email: canadianclub@hetnet.nl
Website: http://www.spetz.ca/CECA.html

CECA is a social club that meets about once a month at various venues usually in the Amsterdam area. It's a club where Canadians find other Canadians. However the club is NOT limited to only Canadians and thus is very international. 


Address: The Hague
Email: info@clubscandinavia.com
Website: www.clubscandinavia.com

This is an expat community for all Scandinavians living in Europe. The Club offers a cosy atmosphere and a lot of activities, such as pub-evenings and mother-child days, all over Holland, and other European countries. Membership is free.


Deutscher Klub in den Niederlanden
Address: Postbus 85 678, 2508 CJ Den Haag
Email: info@deutscherklub.nl
Website: http://www.deutscherklub.nl/


InterNations GmbH
Address: Schwanthaler Straße 39, 80336 Munich, Germany
Fax: +49 89 461 3324 99
Email: info@internations.org
Website: www.internations.org

InterNations is an international online community for people who live and work abroad. As a network based on trust, they enable their members to interact with other global minds in a similar situation, with comparable interests and needs. InterNation users can keep in touch with friends and business contacts; they can exchange reliable information on expat-specific topics, both on a global and local level.

Irish Club Netherlands (ICN)
Email: info@irishclub.nl
Website: www.irishclub.nl

One of the oldest and most active on mainland Europe was founded in 1984 to provide a focal point for Irish people living in The Netherlands. The club plays a central role in providing cultural and social links through activities such as Gaelic sports, Irish dancing classes and promoting the Irish language and music.


John Adams Institute
Address: West-Indisch huis, Herenmarkt 97, 1013 EC Amsterdam
Tel: 020 624 7280
Fax: 020 638 1145
Email: info@john-adams.nl
Website: http://www.john-adams.nl


Leiden Expats Club (LxP)
Email: Leidenexpats@yahoogroups.com
Website: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Leidenexpats/

A group set up for people living in, or around Leiden. Initially started by people who have moved here from abroad, the group is open to anybody. Many social events are arranged for people to get out, meet new people and have fun with likeminded others.


Netherlands English Society
Contact:  Drs. E.J. van Gageldonk van Dijl
Tel: 030 691 4605
Email: info@nederlandengeland.nl
Website: http://www.nederlandengeland.nl

A Dutch society which aims at promote friendly relations between the United Kingdom and the Netherlands.


Netherlands-India Association
Contact: Dave Gurnani
Email: davegurnani@gmail.com
Website: http://www.netherlands-india.nu


Paddyish Club of Amsterdam
Email: PADDYISH@yahoogroups.com
Website: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/paddyish/

This is an online Irish club of Amsterdam formed in September 2000 and they organises get-togethers for Irish and those who want to live in the Amsterdam area.


Singapore Netherlands Association (SNA)
Address: Rotterdam
Website: http://www.sna-org.nl

SNA serves as main contact-point for all Singaporeans living in the Netherlands and it's for Singaporeans living in Holland, expats who have returned from Singapore and people interested in getting to know more about Singapore.


South African Club
Website: www.southafricanclub.nl

Celebrating 10 years of the South African Club in the Netherlands with a braai and more.


St Andrew's Society of the Netherlands
Email: st.andy.soc@gmail.com
Website: www.standrews.nl

Everything Scottish. Reel Club on Fridays, St Andrew's Ball in November, Burns Supper in January and other events. 


Stichting Centro Latinoamericano de Orientación (CLO)
Address: Clervauxlaan 31, 5625 LA Eindhoven 
Tel: 040 244 3063
Email: info@cloeindhoven.nl
Website: http://www.cloeindhoven.nl 

CLO is a non-profit foundation in Eindhoven for Latin Americans.



Autism Association for Overseas Families (NL)
Address: Amalia van Solmsstraat 155, 2595 TA The Hague
Email: mail@aaof.info
Website: http://www.aaof.info/
Meetings: Informal Parents Coffee Mornings and Evenings are held regularly in The Hague, Amsterdam and Rotterdam.

AAOF is an English-language group serving the international community in the Netherlands, consisting of parents/family members and professionals offering support and information to families of individuals with autistic spectrum disorders, living in the Netherlands.


Benelux Adoptive Families Network (BAFN)
Address: Taman Sapituin 43, 1019 SJ Amsterdam
Contact: Debbie Driessen, MSW
Tel: 020 419 5841
Email: jmdriessen@tiscali.nl 
Website: http://members.lycos.nl/bafn/

BAFN is a support group for expat and bi-national couples living in the Netherlands and Belgium. The mission is to provide guidance, support, information and education to people dealing with the complex issues of adopting while residing abroad.



Decorative & Fine Arts Society of The Hague (DFAS)
Email: info@dfas.nl
website: http://www.dfas.nl/

DFAS was founded in 1991 with the aim of enhancing the appreciation and enjoyment of the arts in their many forms. DFAS is a member society of NADFAS, The National Association of Decorative & Fine Arts Societies. DFAS offers a dynamic programme of monthly illustrated lectures in English encompassing the full spectrum of decorative and fine arts subjects including old masters, paintings, sculpture, silverwork, ceramics, architecture, textiles and furniture design, all in a convivial setting. Special events include visits and guided tours to exhibitions, museums and galleries.



Anne's Wines
Address: Zijdeweg 4, 2244 BG Wassenaar
Tel: 06 2631 7807
Email: anne@anneswines.com
Website: www.anneswines.com

She offers wine and champagne tasting events in Amsterdam and The Hague.


Cooking Dutch
Contact: Suzanne Hettenvan
Email: cookingdutch@home.nl 
Website: http://members.home.nl/cookingdutch/

Cooking Dutch members consist of women and men in the Netherlands and in the US. They all enjoy cooking but found cooking in a new country difficult. They help each other with finding items for cooking and baking, what substitutes to use, and exchange recipes. The group was originally started for those of them who live in the NL, but they've grown to include members in the US.


Vitis Amsterdamensis Wine Club
Email: vitis.amsterdamensis@gmail.com
Website: http://www.bluegracht.com/vawc/

Vitis Amsterdamensis is an English-speaking active association of adults from a number of countries all over the world. They share an interest in tasting and expanding their knowledge of wines of the world in a warm and friendly atmosphere.



Gay Swim Amsterdam (GSA)
Address: Sloterparkbad, President Allendelaan 3, 1064 GW Amsterdam
Tel: 06 2417 3268
Email: gayswimadam@hotmail.com
Website: www.gayswimamsterdam.nl

GSA offers swimming training sessions. The welcoming committee explains everything there is to know about GSA. For a first visit to the training, a contribution of EUR 3 will be asked.


Gaymix COC Rotterdam
Address: COC bar, café PRAAG, Schiedamsesingel 175, 3012 BB Rotterdam
Tel: 010 414 1555
Email: info@cocrotterdam.nl
Website: http://www.cocrotterdam.nl/english.01.php

Special group focusing on lesbian women and gay men coming from outside Dutch culture; offers help, support and assistance; and has a dance and café night. 


Love Exiles Foundation
Tel: 020 679 0523
Email: loveexiles@xs4all.nl 
Website: www.loveexiles.org

They educate the public about immigration issues facing same-sex couples and provide support and outreach to bi-national same-sex couples. The local group in the Netherlands organises regular social events and provides a support network for same-sex couples who have moved or are planning to move to the Netherlands.


Lorre Language Clubs (for children)

Address: Voorburg, Wassenaar, Voorschoten, Oegstgeest
Contact: Patrick Reuser
Tel: 071 576 2013
Email: reuser@euronet.nl
Website: www.lorrelanguageclubs.nl

This is a children's club in which they can learn a new language at a young age in a fun way. Children between the ages of 4 - 11 are taught English, French, Spanish or Dutch. Groups of a maximum of 10 children sing songs, play games and do some 'acting'. At present clubs are active in a number of cities, mainly in the (North)West of Holland. The clubs are under the guidance of enthusiastic and thoroughly trained native speakers.



Cappella Gabrieli - Rotterdam Choir
Address: 1e Nieuwstraathof 2, 3011 GN Rotterdam
Tel: 010 844 6088
Website: www.cappellagabrieli.nl 

A chamber choir composed of experienced singers, conducted by Maarten Michielsen and gives three to four concerts each year.


Sweet Adelines, IJsselstein Chorus
Contact:  Kit de Bolster-Diggs  
Tel: 030 688 5602  
Email: j.w.de.bolster@freeler.nl ; leniesmits@chello.nl
Website: http://www.sweetadelines.org.uk

A worldwide organisation of woman singers committed to advancing the musical art form of barbershop harmony through education and performance. This independent, nonprofit music education association is one of the world's largest singing organisations for women. 'Harmonize the World' is the organisation's motto.

The English Reformed Church Choir Amsterdam
Contact: Olja Buco
Tel: 020-470 1980
Email: organist@ercadam.nl
Website: www.ercadam.nl

Are you an enthusiastic singer with an interest in English choral music?  Come and sing with us in the atmospheric English Reformed Church. We are a warm, welcoming and international mixed group of four voices - Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Bass -  and have around 30 members. We rehearse in English and have a wide-ranging repertoire, including hymns, anthems, Christmas carols and major choral works.  And while we are in essence an amateur choir, we pride ourselves on singing at our very best. Experience and the ability to read music is a plus, but not strictly necessary. What counts more is your enthusiasm and a willingness to commit to a weekly practice (Tuesdays from 19.30 to 21.30) and attendance at the Sunday service once a month from September to June.



IMAGES International Photography Club
Contact: Kath Lyonette
Tel: 070 354 5964
Email: images@imagesphotoclub.com
Website: http://www.imagesphotoclub.com/
Meetings: Café Gember at the Photo museum in The Hague.

IMAGES is an English-speaking, international photography club. This friendly, enthusiastic group of amateur photographers from over 30 different countries meets regularly in The Hague. They share skills, ideas, and critique in order to inspire and improve their photographic skills. They cover a wide range of experiences and formats, from beginners to experienced, film to digital and colour to black & white. Members also benefit from field trips, visits to exhibitions, practical sessions, workshops, social evenings and newsletters. 



Conservatives Abroad
Address: Burgmeester Warnaarkade 4, 2391 AW Hazerswoude-Dorp
Contact: Malcolm Smith
Tel: 0172 588 381
Email: fmssmith@cs.nl
Website: www.conservativesabroad.org

This is a forum for like-minded people to socialise and give a platform for political discussion on matters of mutual interest.


Democrats Abroad Netherlands
Contact: Howard Dean
Email: chair@democratsabroad.nl 
Website: www.democratsabroad.nl 

Democrats Abroad is the official arm of the Democratic Party for more than seven million Americans living overseas. They offer election information, voting assistance, a link to fellow Democrats in Holland and organise local events and activities to encourage participation in the US political process. 


Republicans Abroad Netherlands
Address: P.O. Box 8621, 3009 AP Rotterdam
Tel: 06 1824 0923
Email: info@republicansabroad.nl
Website: www.republicansabroad.nl

It's a self-supporting and self-governing organisation in the Netherlands. Members are dedicated to the goals of providing non-partisan voter information and absentee voter outreach programs. It promotes the principles of the US Republican Party through hosting fundraising events, lectures, discussion meetings and public outreach to all Americans living in the Netherlands. Membership is open to US citizens and non-US citizens.



Aglow International
Contact:  Carolyn Jones and Dianne de Jong 
Tel:  CJ: 079 351 0340 ; DdJ 033 245 3542 
Email:  info@europeanenglishaglow.com   
Website: http://www.europeanenglishaglow.com/

This is a worldwide inter-denominational organisation of renewed Christian women.


Hilversum International Christian Center (HICC)
Address: Neuweg 148, 1214 HA Hilversum
Tel: 035 628 4310
Fax: 035 628 3493
Email: info@hicc.nl
Website: www.hicc.nl

HICC has changing its name to Thousand Hills International Church late November 2009. Thousand Hills is an international church with Sunday morning celebrations in English (activities for children and teens are bilingual). Thousand Hills has two locations, one in Hilversum (since April 2006) and one in The Hague (officially opening in April 2010).


Netherlands Unitarian Universalist Fellowship (NUUF)
Website: http://www.nuuf.nl/

NUUF is an English-speaking, liberal community. Services usually begin with a candle-lighting ceremony and sharing of joys or concerns. Each month a guest minister or a member of the congregation presents information about a particular religion, spiritual quest or another topic of interest to religious liberals. Music and singing is always a part of the service but they also provide time for contemplation and meditation. After the service there is a social hour with coffee, tea, juice, refreshments, and good company.

New Life Christian Fellowship 
Address: Piekstraat 15k, 3071 EL Rotterdam
Tel: 06 4274 0047
Website: http://nlcf.nl/

A multi-cultural, interdenominational church exists to bring people into dynamic relationship with Jesus Christ.


The Parish of the Blessed Trinity
Address: Zaaiersweg 180, 1097 ST Amsterdam
Tel: 020 465 2711 and 020 777 2740
Fax: 020 777 2747
Email: info@blessedtrinity.nl
Website: http://www.blessedtrinity.nl/

This the English-speaking Roman Catholic Church of Amsterdam. They have many groups: Christian Aid, Legion of Mary, Choirs, Seeds of Hope (Young People's Group), and Charismatic Group.



Cosmo Polite
Contact: Kira Nijenhuis
Email: kira@cosmo-polite.com
Website: www.cosmo-polite.com

Cosmo Polite organises social gatherings for expatriates and repatriates in Amsterdam. All events have a social and informal ambiance. Kira personally introduces newcomers to other members of the group, so that everyone can easily befriend like-minded individuals.


International Contact Nijmegen (ICON)  
Email:  committee@icon-nijmegen.com  
Website:  www.icon-nijmegen.com

A social club of English-speaking expatriates based in the Nijmegen/Arnhem area of Gelderland. The aim is to make friends and have fun together in an English-speaking environment. They produce a monthly email newsletter for members, and try to schedule several meet-ups a month, such as coffee mornings, parent and toddler groups, drinks evenings and pot lucks. They also organise seasonal parties at Christmas and Easter, and other special one-off events.   


Legal Aliens 
Address: Korte Koediefstraat 7, 2511 CE The Hague
Tel: 06 3830 4481
Website: www.legalaliens.eu 

Legal Aliens is a fast growing, fun loving group of people who get together for social events in The Hague, Rotterdam, Delft, Amsterdam and even darkest Leiden. They welcome people of all ages from all walks of life, both expats and local Dutch people too. Genuine aliens from far flung planets are especially welcome and are made to feel especially at home with Leffe Blonde and Martian Mallows at regular drinks nights. The group was formed in February of 2007 and has grown rapidly since that date. They organise many pub nights and dinners, cultural events and even trips abroad for the more adventurous. Legal Aliens is a free to join, free to participate group and will always stay that way.


Living with a Dutchie
Email: dejarendutchies@yahoo.com (Amsterdam) ; livingwitha_dutchie@yahoo.com (Eindhoven) ; goudaexpats@yahoo.com (Gouda)
Website: http://www.livingwithadutchie.nl/

‘Living with a Dutchie' is an English-speaking social group, for expats who have moved to Holland to be with their Dutch partner. Living in another country can sometimes be a bit overwhelming. The group is a good way to meet people in the same situation, make social contacts and share information. The group is open to all ages and expat nationalities whether somebody has been here for two weeks or twenty-five years. The meetings are held in English. There are groups located in Rotterdam, Gouda, Eindhoven, and Amsterdam. Each group meets on a regular basis for casual get-togethers and hold other events depending on what the members would like to do. Meetings are for the non-Dutch half of the relationship, but most groups organise occasional events for couples as well. For Rotterdam and Gouda: join the Facebook groups.


Email: meetinamsterdam@gmail.com
Website: www.meetin.org

It's to make new friends through a local social network (Amsterdam, Eindhoven and Maastricht) without the pretense of establishing business connections. Meet new people, explore Amsterdam, Eindhoven or Maastricht and have a good time. The social activity groups were started with the purpose of bringing all kinds of people together for fun, low-key events. Join them for comedy, dinner & drinks, expos, sport activities, clubbing, movies and many other social events. Meetin.org focuses on people in their 20's and 30's and is not a dating site.


Email:  myhaarlem@chello.nl  
Website: www.myhaarlem.com 

This is a social network for expatriate professionals in Haarlem and Amsterdam area.


Noord Holland International Friendship Club(NHIFC)
Email: lin@nhifc.org
Website: http://www.nhifc.org/

Formed in February 2003 by a group of Dutch Nationals and English-speaking Expatriates with like-minded ideas towards helping others to blend more easily into Dutch culture.


Stitch 'n Bitch(SnB)
Email: snbnederland@gmail.com 
Website: http://www.stitchnbitch.nl/

Knitters of all ages find each other worldwide to come together for a couple of hours of knitting in cafés. When they are visiting Holland, they can join one of the groups for some nights and share the passion for knitting. Get inspired by local knitting habits, exchange patterns, learn typical Dutch knitting techniques and in the meantime drink a delicious cup of 'koffie verkeerd' (white coffee) or a pint of beer.


TheHagueOnLine Social Club
Contact: Billy Allwood
Tel: 070 356 2202
Email: Billy@thehagueonline.com
Website: http://socialclub.thehagueonline.com/

They organise events for the expat and international community in the greater The Hague area. The Club operates on a membership basis and is open to singles, couples and families alike.


Groups and clubs in the Netherlands - part I

Part I of our III-part guide lists: Activists, Addiction Support, Advice & Information, Alumni, Arts & Theatre, Books, Business, Charities, and Children / Parenting. 


Groups and clubs in the Netherlands - part III

Part three of our expanding groups and clubs section, lists Sports, Women's and Writer's.


 Any new clubs to add? Anything out of date? Send an email to expaticaservice@expatica.com



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