Expat groups and clubs in the Netherlands - Part III

Expat groups and clubs in the Netherlands - Part III

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Part three of our expanding groups and clubs section, lists: Sports (including dance), Women's and Writer's.


ABF International Sports Club
Address: Ammonslaantje 1, 2241 BP Wassenaar
Email: info@abfsport.nl
Website: www.abfsport.nl

A non-profit volunteer organisation has been providing sports programmes for all ages and nationalities for over 35 years. It's an international organisation dedicated to providing baseball, soccer and basketball to athletes of all ages and nationalities. Ther members, now more than 400 families strong, come from in and around The Hague. The ABF offers families the chance to remain active and meet new people. At the ABF, there's a warm international atmosphere where people and their families can enjoy themselves while interacting with others.

American Football Club (AFC) Utrecht Dominators
Address: Sportpark Overvecht Noord, Manitobadreef 4, 3565 CH Utrecht
Tel: 06 3874 8789
Email: info@utrecht-dominators.nl
Website: www.utrecht-dominators.nl


American Football Delft Dragons
Address: Mekelweg 8, 2628 CD Delft
Email: info@delftdragons.nl
Website: http://www.delftdragons.nl/

To join the team, experience is not necessary although a bonus. Fundamentals and more advanced coaching are available from the existing coaching staff. Playing equipment can be hired from the club if necessary.

Amersfoort Untouchables American Football Club
Address: Kees Bakelserf 32, 3813 MK Amersfoort
Contact: Gert Kreijne
Tel: 06 2219 8188
Email: secretaris@amersfoortuntouchables.nl
Website: www.aufc.nl

Amstelveense Rugby Club (ARC)
Address: Clubhouse, Sportlaan 25c, 1185 TB Amstelveen
Tel: 020 643 8979
Fax: 020 643 8979
Email: secretaris@arcrugby.nl
Website: http://www.arcrugby.nl/

Sports clubs in the NetherlandsARC prides itself on being a truly international club with a number of non-Dutch members currently registered with the club from England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, France, Italy, Chile, New Zealand, Australia, USA and South Africa to name but a few. They have a work hard, play hard ethos which means as seriously as they take training sessions and game days, they also like to go out in Amstelveen and Amsterdam. To that end, there is always something being arranged by the large expat clan at the club. They frequently send out communications on nights out, trips, events, touch Rugby etc.

Amsterdam Gaelic Athletic Football Club
Contact: Ronan O'Riordan
Tel: 06 2743 3050
Email: ronan_o@yahoo.com
Website: http://www.amsterdamgac.nl/

They have men’s or women's Gaelic Football teams that play in the Gaelic Gear European Gaelic Football Championships. The club trains every week at the Amstelveen Rugby Club. They're an international club and new players of any nationality and ability are welcome to join the club and try out Gaelic Football.

Amsterdam Hash House Harriers
Tel: 06 5470 3724
Email: lumberjackoff@gmail.com
Website: http://www.harrier.nl/

Amsterdam-based kennel of the international drinking club with a running problem. They meet on Sundays at 17:00 in the summer and 15:00 in the winter. Normally the trails take about an hour to complete depending on how fast everybody runs, jogs or walks, and the number of beer stops. All levels of fitness, experience and drinking abilities are welcome. Running fee is EUR 5; this pays for beer and snacks. They welcome visitors and virgins (newcomers) - check out the ‘What's Hashing?’ section for information. The best way to stay up-to-date with the Amsterdam H3 is to join their Yahoo! Group.

Amsterdam Lowlanders Gay Rugby Club
Address: Pieter Jacobszstraat 27, 1012 HL Amsterdam
Email: amsterdamlowlanders@hotmail.com
Website: http://www.amsterdamlowlanders.com/

It was founded in 2003 as NOP Amsterdam. The team is part of the Amstelveense Rugby Club but retains its name and gay identity. They currently have 20 members, with players coming from Australia, England, Ireland, Italy, Switzerland, Turkey and of course the Netherlands.

Amsterdam Martial Arts School – Qi Kwan Do
Address: Hogendorp Sportcentrum, Van Hogendorpstraat 921, 1051 CE Amsterdam
Contact: Helen Maynard-Hill
Tel: 06 2181 9957
Email: mrs.maynardhill@qikwando.com
Website: http://www.qikwando.com/
Times 19:00 – 20:00.

Qi Kwan Do is practical self-defence for everyone. It's a combination of yoga, self-defence and cardio vascular movements to be flexible, fit and toned. Each lesson is unique so that everybody remains motivated and stays with the programme to eventually reach Black Belt. As well as learning a martial art, self-defence and getting fit, Qi Kwan Do helps to reduce stress, increases energy and leaves everyone feeling and looking better. The style and training suits ladies and men of all sizes, fitness and abilities. All are welcome.  

Amsterdam Mixed Football Group
Email:  ams_football-owner@yahoogroups.com
Website: http://sports.groups.yahoo.com/group/ams_football/

A group of men and women play soccer together just for fun. During the summer, they usually play twice a week in Westerpark. Sometimes they get together for social stuff too.

BS Leiden Basketball
Email: bestuur@bsleiden.nl
Website: http://www.bsleiden.nl/

They welcome all ages (7 - 60 years) and offer many possibilities: only training, training and competition or recreation. They have all levels and many teams. Every member has the opportunity to train twice a week.

Cricket clubs in the NetherlandsDe Kieviten Cricket Club
Address: Dr. Mansveltkade 11, 2242 TZ Wassenaar
Contact: John Colbran
Tel: 070 511 4649 ; 06 5537 7189
Email: Kievitencricket@hotmail.com
Website:  http://www.kieviten.nl/en/cricket/

Kieviten is a multi-sport club which has sections for cricket, golf, tennis, hockey and squash. 

Den Haag Gaelic Football and Hurling Club

Contact: Mary Gavin
Tel: 06 2057 3678
Email: mgavin@wanadoo.nl
Website:  http://www.denhaaggaa.com/

Founded in the 1970s and affiliated with Croke Park since 2000, Den Haag GAA Club is one of the longest established and most successful GAA clubs on mainland Europe. Comprising mainly Irish, as well as French, English, Turkish, Indian, Swiss, Canadian, Australian, and German expats and Dutch players. Den Haag GAA is the current European Hurling Championship winner, a title they have also won in 2003 and 2002. Men’s Gaelic Footballers were winners in 2002 and 2006 and the Ladies’ Gaelic Footballers were victorious in 2005.

Dutch Australian Football Association (DAFA)
Email: info@aussierules.nl
Website: www.aussierules.nl/

It was formed in 2007 with the aim of organising and developing the sport of Australian Football in the Netherlands. Since then, they've successfully competed in the 2007, 2008 and 2009 EU Cup Tournaments, and in 2010 are launching the Netherland's first Australian Football league. In 2009, they entered an agreement with the Australian Football League (AFL) as the official Australian Football League in the Netherlands.

First Dutch Dragonboat Club (EHDC)
Address: Langbroekpad 3, 1108 EA Amsterdam Zuidoost
Contact: Sandra Rossen ; Henno Eggenkamp
Tel: SR: 06 4506 6970 ; HE: 06 4161 2131
Email: info@ehdc.nl
Website: http://www.ehdc.nl/english/

EHDC offers free Dragonboating tryout sessions in Amsterdam area for anyone interested. These take place as part of the normal training schedule. EHDC also plans several social events each year including trips through canals of Amsterdam in the dragonboat, stopping at local landmarks and eateries, barbecues, parties and camping trips. The club has a great atmosphere, with team spirit, dedication and fun.

Floorball Agents (FBA)
Address: Gymzaal 2e Daltonschool, Willem Witsenstraat 6, 1077 AZ Amsterdam
Tel: 020 620 6767
Email: info@amsterdamfloorball.nl
Website: http://www.amsterdamfloorball.nl/

FBA is an official independent sports club devoted to the marvelous sport of floorball. The Agent's mission is to promote and develop floorball in the Netherlands and especially in the Amsterdam area. The club was founded during spring 2004 by Ville Kulmala, Wouter Bakker and Cynthia Littooij. FBA are always looking for a bunch of people to participate in trainings and games. First trainings to start from for all levels are Wednesdays from 20:00 - 21:30.

Haarlem Cricket Club (HCC) Red and White
Address: Kon. HFC football club, Emauslaan 2, 2012 PH Haarlem
Tel: 023 528 7085
Email: info@roodenwit.nl
Website: http://www.roodenwit.nl/

One of the oldest cricket clubs in Holland and founded in 1881. Since 1911 they have been playing at their current grounds at the Spanjaardslaan on the border of Heemstede and Haarlem in the winter. They are one of the bigger clubs in Holland with six senior teams, two on Saturday, four on Sunday, a women's XI and a youth section of around 125 children varying from 6 - 18 years.

HDM floorball
Address: HDM Hall, Theo Mann Bouwmeesterpad, 2597 GX The Hague
Tel: 06 4125 2526
Email: hdmfloorball@gmail.com
Website: http://www.hdmonline.nl/

Floorball originating from Scandinavia is a fast-moving game played indoor with a floorball stick and a ball. It's a low-contact game with five players and a goalie playing at the same time. It's an easy game to pick up. The HDM floorball club was founded as 'HSK' (Haagse Straathockey Klub) in The Hague in the spring of 2000. The club has three men's teams, one women’s team and one mixed team. The first teams have very experienced and well equipped players that go for winning the league and cup. Other teams and the mixed team are just for fun and beginners. HDM has many international players, coming from Finland, Sweden, Switzerland, Canada and many other countries and the club has a growing number of Dutchies too.  

Hermes - DVS (football, cricket, squash, tennis)
Address: Olympiaweg 20, 3118 JD Schiedam
Tel.: 010 470 4048
Email: hermes@hermesdvs.nl
Website: http://www.hermesdvs.nl/

One of the oldest and biggest cricket clubs in Holland is located only 15 minutes drive from the centre of Rotterdam. Hermes - DVS was founded in 1884. Cricket can be played at various levels from very social to competitive (the first team plays at the highest national level). Competitions are played on both Saturdays and Sundays. It's possible to become a training member if somebody likes the game but doesn’t want to play during weekends. It's also possible to play football, squash and tennis. They welcome anybody interested to attend one of the practice sessions in order to get a better view of the club, its members and the facilities.

Hilversumsche Cricket Club
Address: Nieuwe Crailoseweg 10, 1222 AB Hilversum
Tel: 035 544 5701
Email: hilversumcricket@hotmail.com
Website: http://www.hilversumschecricketclub.nl/

The club was established in June 1883, and is one of the oldest in Holland. During its 126-year history, Hilversumsche Cricket Club has undergone many changes. They have relocated in collaboration with Spandersbosch Hockey Club. They now sport complete new grounds including two new pitches and brand new training facilities. They welcome players from all levels and ages, and the club coach is more than willing to better skills. There are two men's teams, a Zami's team, junior teams and one ladies' team. The top team is in the 1st Division. Lots of events and fun for everybody.


Maids of the Mill (women)
Address: Gymzaal Johan Wagenaarkade 35, 3533 TE Utrecht
Contact: Renette Niekerk
Tel: 030 296 4265
Email: maids@utrechtmorris.nl
Website: www.utrechtmorris.nl/maids/  

This groups does Morris dancing once every two weeks on Fridays from 20:00 - 22:00 in the gym room. The Maids are a member of The Morris Federation, an association of self-governing Morris clubs which aims to encourage and maintain interest in the practice of morris dancing by men and women of all ages.

Te Werve Rugby (RUFC)
Address: H.S.V. Celeritas Sportcomplex, Leyweg 1630, 2548 AE The Hague
Contact:  Benoit Wach - 1st Team Captain
Tel:  06 2397 6227
Email: wachb@ferro.com
Website: http://www.rugby-tewerve.com/

Te Werve RUFC is a Dutch club but it's renowned for having an international team. Teams are composed of players from many nationalities, races, religious beliefs, and social backgrounds. They are always looking for new talent and players, welcoming beginners and experienced. Their 1st team plays high standard rugby in the 1st Dutch division. Their 2nd team is registered in the 3rd Dutch division. Their 3rd team is a social side composed of veterans and new players. They are dedicated to the game but also to having a good 3rd half (socialising). They organise events such as dinners, rugby tours, friendlies, pub crawls, parties and BBQs.

Scottish country dancing clubs in the NetherlandsThe Clansmen Scottish Country Dance Group
Address: Ursulaland 141, 2591 GW The Hague
Tel: 070 382 1175
Fax: 070 382 1175
Email: marlynmp@ziggo.nl

The Clansmen meet on Mondays between 20:15 - 22:15 to dance at the 'Engelse Kerk' at Riouwstraat 2 in The Hague. The teacher is Marlyn MacPhail.

The Hague Hash House Harriers

Tel: 070 3877 338
Email: GrandMaster@HagueHash.nl
Website:  http://www.haguehash.nl/

An International drinking club with a running problem meets weekly. In the summer every Wednesday at 19:00 and in the winter every Sunday at 15:00. They welcome all levels of fitness, especially those with a sense of humour. A typical Hash run is about 6 - 8 km and lasts anywhere from 1 to 1 1/2 hours. Beer stops are a welcome site during a Hash run and in the circle after the run. Expect singing of rugby songs, silly names and a bit of hoot 'n hollering. They run in and around The Hague, exploring parks, forests and city streets.

The Randstad Harings dive club
Contact: Mr R. Redwood
Tel: 070 363 8167
Email: richredwood@hotmail.com
Website: http://www.randstad-harings.nl/

The only Holland-based branch of the British Sub-Aqua Club serves the area of The Hague, Amsterdam, Utrecht and Rotterdam. They have 40 members active in both diving and training. Most are from the UK and the Netherlands. Throughout the year, they dive regularly and organise trips abroad both within Europe and to more exotic locations around the world. Training takes place on Thursday evenings at 20:00 in the indoor pool in winter and outside in open water in the summer.  

The Rowan Tree Dancers
Address: Verpleeghuis “Wendhorst”, Eperweg 33, 8181 ET Heerde
Contact:  Cees Ooms
Tel: 0572 393 902 ; 0578 614 686 ; 06 5241 0213
Email: ridder26@lonnet.nl
Website: http://rowantree.nvs-dance.nl/

They dance on Monday evenings from 20:00 - 22:00 at Verpleeghuis “Wendhorst”.

The Royal Scottish Country Dance Society (RSCDS) Delft Branch
Address: 'De groene Loper', van Royenstraat 2, 2273 VD voorburg
Contact: Anne Goudriaan ; Dick Mackay
Tel: AG: 079 346 0723 ; DM: 010 471 6082
Email: a.m.goudriaan@kpnplanet.nl
Website: http://www.rscds-delft.nl/

The 'Delft branch' of RSCDS is one of about 60 branches of this Scottish organisation which has around 20,000 members all over the world. The dances practiced in Voorburg follow the original Scottish traditions, and the leader of the group has taken specific exams in Scotland to study them. Classes are held every Wednesday evening. There are also regular social dances and balls, not only in Voorburg but also organised by the other Scottish dance groups in the Netherlands and overseas.

The Royal Scottish Country Dance Society (RSCDS) Hague District Branch
Address: De Tol 421, 2266 EH Leidschendam
Contact: Hans van Zon
Tel: 070 320 2352
Email: thehaguebranch@hetnet.nl

The Swilcan Scottish Country Dance Group
Address: Zernikeweg 50, 3731 KE De Bilt
Contact: Evke von't Steen
Tel: 030 220 5630
Email: swilcan@hellinghuizer.demon.nl
Website: www.utrecht.nl/smartsite.dws?id=257773&item=265787_0

They meet on Wednesdays between 20:00 - 22:00 at Teun de Jagerdreef 3 in Utrecht. The teacher is Jaap Hellinghuizer.

The Thistle Club of Scottish Country Dancing
Address: Kon. Wilhelminalaan 18, 5583 AM Aalst
Tel: 040 221 7563
Email: secretary@thistleclub.nl
Website: http://www.thistleclub.nl/

On Monday and Wednesday evenings they join together to dance, learn and enjoy the finer points of:
- Scottish Country dance (beginners and advanced).
- Scottish Highland dance (beginners and advanced).
- Scottish Traditional music.

The Utrecht Morris Team (UMT)
Address: Vrije School Utrecht, Hieronymusplantsoen 3, 3512 KV Utrecht
Contact: Floris Jan van Hall
Tel: 030 296 4265
Email: umt@utrechtmorris.nl
Website: http://www.utrechtmorris.nl/umt/english.php

UMT is a team of men who perform traditional Morris dances from the Cotswolds in the southern Midlands of England. The UMT is a friendly pleasure club that meets once a week in the centre of the city of Utrecht to practise. However, regardless of how much fun it is sometimes, real hard work goes into practising the Morris dances before they can be performed in public. The UMT performs numerous times during the course of a year, sometimes at their own initiative, but also regularly when requested or booked. It also goes without saying that the UMT goes to England at least once a year to meet and dance with other Morris sides.  

Utrecht Rugby Club (URC)
Address: Sportpark Terweide, Hogeweide 1, 3541 BC Utrecht
Tel: 030 666 2025
Email: urc@tte.nl
Website: www.utrechtrugby.nl/

Rugby clubs in the NetherlandsURC was founded in 1967 and moved to a temporary location at Sportpark Terweide. They have three senior XV's and a women's team as well as youth players in various age-groups. The 1st XV currently play in the (national) 1st Division, the 2nd XV play in the 3th Division and URC3 play in the 4th Division. The Women's XV play in the 1st Division National Women's League. Try the club out for EUR 15 six weeks long. Find out what URC is all about; grab shoes, shirt, and shorts and join in for training every Tuesdays and Thursdays from 20:00.

Voorburg Cricket Club (VCC)
Address: Groene Zoom 20, 2491 EH The Hague
Tel: 034 657 4389
Email: voorzitter@voorburgcc.nl
Website: www.voorburgcc.nl/

VCC was founded in 1932. Since 1990, its 1st team plays on the highest Dutch level only interrupted by the 1999 season when VCC played on the 2nd highest level. VCC is a regular supplier of players to the Dutch national team. They have more expats than ever mainly from England, Australia, Pakistan and India and are now represented in the four top leagues.

Wilhelmus International football club
Address: Clubhouse, Sportpark Westvlietweg, Groen Zoom 2, 2491 EH The Hague
Contact:  Phil Loughton
Tel: 06 2705 1820
Email:  phil_loughton@hotmail.com
Website: www.vvwilhelmus.nl

Wilhelmus has international football teams based in The Hague. The club is a mix of over 40 nationalities. There are seven men’s teams and one ladies’ team. Matches are on Saturdays and trainings are on Wednesday nights lead by Graham Renshaw. New players of all levels are welcome.



American Netherlands Club of Rotterdam
Address: P.O. Box 25036, 3001 HA Rotterdam
Contact: Lillian Maas
Email: info@ancorotterdam.com
Website: http://www.ancorotterdam.com/  

The purpose of this club is to promote and encourage friendship and understanding between women who are citizens of the US and women from the Netherlands, as well as women of other nationalities who reside in the Netherlands. English is the language of the Club. ANCOR supports various charities through the Club's philanthropic endeavors.

American Women's Club of Amsterdam (AWCA)
Address: P.O. Box 70133, 1007 KC Amsterdam
Email: info@awca.nl
Website: http://www.awca.nl/

Founded in 1927, the American Women's Club of Amsterdam (AWCA) is a non-profit, volunteer organization providing friendship and support for American women and non-American women with close ties to the United States, living in the Netherlands. The AWCA helps in facilitating the integration into the Dutch community. As an AWCA Member, you will receive our monthly magazine and have the opportunity to take part in classes and lectures, community service projects, newcomer activities, family and cultural events, tours, and social gatherings. At our monthly General Meetings, featured speakers present topics of political, economic, or cultural relevance. We are a dynamic group of women, always open to fresh ideas. Join us at a General Meeting and find your place in the AWCA!


American Women's Club of The Hague (AWC)
Address: Nieuwe Duinweg 25, 2587 AB The Hague
Tel: 070 350 6007  
Fax: 070 358 7772
Email: info@awcthehague.org  
Website: www.awcthehague.org

For three quarters of a century, AWC of The Hague has been providing a home away from home for many Americans and other expatriates alike. The 350+ members work hard to provide a very comfortable, inviting clubhouse and organise numerous activities, tours, classes and fundraising events during the year for all ages. They are a nonprofit organisation; as such their primary goal is to serve as a support network for American women living and working in the Netherlands. At the AWC they strive to not only support members but to make them feel welcome and to help them make the most of their experience living abroad.

Australian and New Zealand Women’s Club in the Netherlands (ANZWC)
Address: P.O. Box 25, 2501 CA The Hague
Membership: Karoline Poulsonmailto:membership@anzwc.org
Website: www.anzwc.org/

The purpose of the club is to connect Women from Australia and New Zealand who have moved to the Netherlands either on a permanent or temporary basis. The club organises monthly social events not only for women, but also their partners and families. The aim is for Australians and New Zealanders and their families who find themselves working and living away from home, to network together. Social events include: Regular Coffee Mornings/Social outings both during the day and at weekends for members and families/Melbourne Cup Day Luncheon, Summer Drinks and Christmas Drinks to name a few. The club is a friendly social outlet and membership is for women who are either Australian or New Zealand citizens.  

Address: Christus Triumfatorkerk, Juliana van Stolberglaan 154, 2595 CL The Hague
Email: connectingwomen97@gmail.com
Website: www.connectingwomen.nl/

CONNECTing WOMEN aims to provide a forum for motivating and supporting professional and internationally aware women in the paid and unpaid sectors through networking and presentations at their monthly meetings, this website together with a variety of interesting workshops. They are a very mixed group with ages ranging from 20s to 60s. They come from many different backgrounds and countries; some of them work full-time, others part-time, and some are not currently in paid employment. A wish to share experiences and information by meeting with other women who enjoy intelligent, stimulating conversation brings them together. The organisation is very relaxed and friendly.

Crafty Expat Ladies In Holland
Email: CraftyExpatLadiesInHolland-owner@yahoogroups.com
Website: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/CraftyExpatLadiesInHolland/

A group of expat women share craft ideas together and make new friends.  


English Language Bond of Women (ELBOW)
Email:  info@elbowclub.nl
Website:  http://www.elbowclub.nl/pages/clubinfo.php

ELBOW is a social organisation based in Dordrecht in the Netherlands. It's intended to allow women from Dordrecht and surrounding areas whose mother tongue is English (or otherwise approved by the ELBOW committee) to meet each other in an informal, social atmosphere.

European Professional Women’s Network Amsterdam
Contact: Rieke Smakman
Website: http://europeanpwn-amsterdam.net/    

Women's clubs in the NetherlandsEuropean Professional Women’s Network is a vibrant growing pan-European federation of more than 15 women’s network. The common objective is to provide women with the tools, networks and support they need to assume leadership. They aim to share knowledge across Europe, and are participating in several Europe-wide initiatives. They combine a sophisticated online networking platform, linking several thousand business women across Europe, with regular, offline events in many cities including Amsterdam.

Expat Women

Contact: Andrea Martins    
Email: andreaweb@expatwomen.com
Website: http://www.expatwomen.com/

ExpatWomen.com is a comprehensive, global website helping women living overseas. The site displays 1,000+ quality content pages, over 1,000 expat women blogs, 200+ readers' stories, invaluable country resource pages, interviews with successful expat women, loads of motivational articles and an inspirational blog and monthly newsletter. ExpatWomen.com's mission is to inspire success abroad by providing a first-stop website to share stories, network globally, develop personally and find the best resources.


‘s Hertogenbosch International Women’s Club (HIWC)
Email: hiwc@hotmail.com
Website: www.hiwc.webs.com/

HIWC is a social club for English-speaking women living in and around Den Bosch. It was set up in 2004 by Sharon McLaughlin and now has over 100 members of all ages, nationalities and backgrounds. New members are always welcome, whether somebody's new to Den Bosch or whether somebody's been living there for years. Membership is free and payment is only required for events where there's a cost associated (e.g. movie tickets, meals, drinks).

International Women's Club Eindhoven
Contact: Uschi Drude
Tel: 040-221 8978
Website:  http://www.iwce.nl/

Business women's clubs in the NetherlandsThe IWCE is an organisation that promotes networking between English-speaking women. Our monthly meetings help members get information about the Eindhoven area, make friends, and to feel more settled in the Netherlands.There is a monthly meeting on the 3rd Thursday of every month (except July and August) from 10:00-12:00 at Thermae Son. Childcare is available on the premises. At our meetings members and guests can socialise and network over a cup of coffee or tea and then enjoy a featured speaker.
Aside from the monthly meeting, club members can also participate in 20 different special interest groups that offer a diverse range of activities, including: Baby Play, Evening Book Club, Bridge, Choir, Film Club, Handicraft, Lunch Out, Dutch, English,  Italian, and Spanish Conversational. There are also several groups that include spouses and partners: Gourmet Club and Dinner Out with Spouses. The IWCE is a non-commercial, non-political and non-denominational organisation. We welcome women of all nationalities and from all walks of life. Join us as a guest at our next meeting!

The International Women's Club of Rotterdam (Pickwick Club)
Address: The 'Lommerrijk' Hillegersberg, Straatweg 99, 3054 AB Rotterdam
Tel: 0871 902 129
Email: pickwick@onetelnet.nl
Website: http://iwcr.blogspot.nl/

It's a social meeting place for women of all ages and backgrounds with English as a common denominator. Many of the members are married to Dutchmen and like the opportunity to touch base with other English-speakers. There are various club activities which include a monthly meeting with a speaker or demonstration, gardening and literary clubs which meet at members' homes, cinema visits, and outings to other events are also organised. Yearly events include the spring and Christmas lunches and an annual Bring and Buy sale.  

International Women's Club of South Limburg
Address: P.O.Box 649, 6200 AP Maastricht
Contact: welcome@iwc-sl.nl
Website: http://www.iwc-sl.nl/

The club was founded in February 1985 as a non-profit organisation. The primary purpose of the Club is to bring together women of all nationalities living in the area of South Limburg, promoting friendship, sharing mutual interests and extending support and information to newcomers. Members are invited to participate in all activities, including country walks, museum visits, playing bridge, patchwork quilting, book reading and discussion, yoga, language classes and mothers and children groups. Once a month the club hosts a social evening for all members, often featuring guest speakers. To facilitate contact between members living in the same neighbourhood, the club is divided into area groups. A newcomer’s welcome coffee is organised on a regular basis to introduce new and/or potential members to the club.

International Women's Contact Amsterdam
Address: Industrieele Groote Club, Dam 27, 1012 JC Amsterdam
Contact: Fiona Thompson
Email: membership@iwcamsterdam.nl
Website: http://www.iwcamsterdam.nl/

The Club promotes and increases friendship among women of all nationalities living in and around Amsterdam. The Club also helps members who come to Holland to settle in, enjoy their new environment and gain a better understanding of Dutch life and culture. It's an ideal way to make friends, learn a little more about each other, exchange information and socialise. They provide a wide range of activities, lectures, excursions and special interest groups which appeal to many women in the international community. All nationalities are welcome to the club. The club language is English and all activities are conducted in this language. The IWC has no political, religious or commercial affiliations.

International Women's Contact The Hague
Address: Vierloper 10, 2586 KV The Hague
Email: mailto:pr@iwcthehague.nl
Website: http://www.iwcthehague.nl/

IWC The Hague was founded in 1978 and brings together expatriate women living in the Netherlands as well as Dutch women with an international perspective. It provides opportunities to interact and share each other's cultures and interests. It further aims to foster goodwill, friendship and understanding among international women and in doing so, contributes to strengthening understanding among nations. The Club language is English. The Club is not political, religious or commercial. 


International Women's Contact Utrecht (IWCU)
Address: Immanuelkerk Wijkgemeente, Wijkgebouw De schakel, Soestdijkseweg 49b, 3732 HD De Bilt
Contact:  Carrie Van Zalk
Tel: 035 621 4931
Email: IWCUmembership@gmail.com
Website: http://www.iwcu.nl/

The purpose is to give women a chance to meet each other, exchange information and socialise. They are women of all ages, interests, experiences and circumstances. They come from various countries and backgrounds, ranging from career professionals, mothers and housewives, to students and retired citizens. All nationalities are welcome, although some level of English is helpful since all activities are conducted in this language. They provide activities that are both informative and enjoyable, including Mums and Tots, seasonal excursions and parties, pub nights, gallery and museum visits, guest speakers, a Bookworms discussion group, a Greenfingers gardening club, Aspiring Chefs workshops, wine tastings, walking tours, plus monthly V&D coffee mornings in Utrecht, Amersfoort and Zeist.


Monday Club
Contact: Christine van Beckhoven
Tel: 06 5336 1896
Email: michellevr@live.nl

Writing groups in the NetherlandsIt was set-up about 35 years ago by expatriate English-speaking women living in Zoetermeer. They meet once a month on the first Monday of the month in premises in the Veur in Rokkeveen. They are a small club and the main purpose is social interaction, but they have some activities during the meetings perhaps a quiz or bingo and occasionally they do a 'Bake and Take' which raises some funds for themselves. There's often coffee meetings held in members' houses during the month or sometimes individual members get together to go to the cinema, theatre, etc. Occasionally they go out together as a group for dinner, notably the birthday dinners held once a year in September in which they celebrate all members’ birthdays and give each other presents.

MOPS In Holland (Mothers of Preschoolers)
Address: Trinity International Church, Gruttolaan 19-23, 2261 ET Leidschendam
Contact: Sanne Speidel-Poldervaart
Email: mopsinholland@yahoo.com
Website: http://www.mopsinholland.org/home.html

MOPS is a warm, caring, and dynamic group of women who all have one thing in common -- to be the very best mothers they can be. The MOPS ministry brings the importance of motherhood to the forefront and provides mothers of preschool-aged children with a network of friends and Christian-based resources to guide and support them. The group meets on the first and third Thursday of the month from 9:15 - 11:30. They come together to laugh, talk, and share together while the children are being cared for by others. A MOPS mentor shares a 'mentor moment' with words of inspiration and encouragement. Afterwards, there's time for meaningful discussion in the discussion groups, and this can range on a variety of topics that touch mothers today. It's during the discussion group time that the moms get to know themselves and other moms better developing friendships and providing an opportunity for personal expression.

Petroleum Wives Club of The Hague (PWC)
Address: P.O. Box 655, 2240 AP Wassenaar
Contact: Marja Chapman
Tel: 06 3490 7185
Email: members@pwc-thehague.com
Website: http://www.pwc-thehague.com/

PWC is formed from a group of women whose husbands or partners are employed by, or otherwise are active for, oil companies and related petro-chemical industries. They meet regularly throughout the year for a variety of social, cultural and charitable functions including coffee mornings, guided walks, canal tours, museum trips, lunches, parties and fundraising events. Activities are communicated through a monthly newsletter and the website. They are a friendly and welcoming bunch of women.

Women in Twente (W!T)
Contact: Phing Choo
Tel: 040 223 0063
Email: info@womenintwente.nl
Website: http://www.womenintwente.nl/

W!T is a group of women from the Netherlands and abroad which support incoming international women and help them 'feel at home' in Twente. Many of them have experienced intercultural integration in different locations and would like to connect with other women moving to that area. W!T is a ‘home base’ for international women in Twente. The group is for networking and support, integration and information sharing, and multicultural exchange.

Women with Dutch Partners (WWDP)
Email: wwdp4u@yours.com (information on Amsterdam group)

WWDP is a large active group of women who live in Amsterdam, come from all over the world, and all have one thing in common - they have Dutch partners. The group meets every month (usually on the first Friday of the month) at one of its members' homes and has a pre-selected topic to discuss and exchange views on. WWDP Noord Holland meets in and around Alkmaar. There's a morning meeting on the first Friday of the month and an evening meeting on the second Friday. There's also a WWDP group meeting in 't Gooi and another in Haarlem.

Women's International Group Zeeland (WIGZ)
Email: wigzzers@gmail.com
Website: www.wigz.nl

WIGZ is open to women of every nationality looking to meet new friends, socialise and take part in the many activities in English. They are based in the province of Zeeland, the most south-westerly part of the Netherlands. WIGZ is a pro-active and multi-cultural organisation that has something to suit all tastes and all ages. They offer the opportunity to meet new people, and also get more out of life in Zeeland. Some are in Zeeland permanently or only for a short time. All enjoy the wide range of social activities offered.



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