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TastyClub is an app that simplifies dining out in the Netherlands and offers discounts to its members. [Contributed by TastyClub]

Moving to a new city can be exciting: unfamiliar streets filled with shops and boutiques, meeting inspiring people and finding the coolest spots around town. Most people have that one restaurant they accidently discovered while strolling around, which turned out to be unforgettable.

Not only is going out for a bite a good way to get to know the city you live in, it also gets you mingling with locals and other expats. A local sushi bar or a cool lunch café — when you’re new in town, there is so much to discover but limited time and resources.

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That’s how the idea for TastyClub came about. Roman Golik is an expat who lives in the Netherlands. A few years ago, being an avid food and cuisine enthusiast and leading a busy lifestyle, Roman decided that he wanted to eat dinner out almost every day. A good experience for him and the restaurants he patronised, but really bad for his wallet. He wanted a system that would offer straightforward discounts to make going out for dinner more accessible and help people experience new and exciting eating experiences.

The new smartphone application TastyClub was started by Roman and was introduced early 2015. TastyClub members, who can join through the smartphone app, receive a 25 percent discount on their entire bill in every TastyClub affiliated restaurant. There are now over 350 participating restaurants. Roman and his team started off small: in bigger Dutch cities, such as The Hague, Rotterdam and Amsterdam, they would randomly pick a street and try out the restaurants there. Restaurants were approached based on the whether they were places he would be happy to spend over an hour dining there. 

Roman immediately noticed the diversity that Dutch restaurants have to offer: “For a compact country like the Netherlands, it is truly amazing that in a single street, you can find a sushi restaurant, Indian place and a Italian specialty restuarant.” To introduce expats to this cool overview of cuisines, the TastyClub app can be very useful. A wide variety of different restaurants are displayed on the app, with all of these places carefully selected by the TastyClub team.

Another important aspect of the app is the community. Obviously, in this new age of online communication, it is possible to like and share your TastyClub experiences through social media and the app. In future, they plan to organise social events in different cities across the country where food fanatics can share their love for wining and dining.

Join a diverse and passionate food community by writing reviews about your dining experiences at participating restaurants. Read the recommendations of your fellow TastyClub members and discover the best places to eat and meet exciting new people.

Got excited? Check out our app in the Google Play and AppStore!

Enjoy Life, it’s Tasty!


Contributed by TastyClub

Contributed by TastyClub

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