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Queen Máxima to sit next to king for his first budget day speech

3rd September 2013, Comments3 comments

Queen Máxima will break new ground on September 17 when she sits next to king Willem-Alexander as he gives his first speech from the throne ahead of the 2014 budget presentation.

Until now, the wives of kings have not sat next to their husbands during the ceremony, the AD reports on Tuesday.

Prince Claus, husband of the then queen Beatrix, did, however, sit next to his wife.

In addition, Beatrix will not attend the traditional event this year, nor will her sister Margriet and her husband Pieter van Vollenhoven, the AD said.

The speech from the throne is given by the monarch to both houses of parliament and their guests in the Ridderzaal in The Hague. The speech looks back to past events and gives a broad outline of cabinet policy for the coming year.

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3 comments on this article Add a comment

  • 3rd September 2013, 11:44:30 Bruce posted:
    Fantastic news!! That'll ease the suffering of the people losing their jobs, houses, etc.
  • 3rd September 2013, 16:36:52 carrico posted:
    I finally get it: A husband had sat next to his wife the Queen, but a wife had not sat next to her husband the King. Jesus. Who's on first?
  • 5th September 2013, 04:14:42 Regine posted:
    Honestly, folks. What is wrong with this beautiful, modern couple showing their affection and support for each other?

    Anyway, why are you bothering to read Royal News if you don't even support them?

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