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Jordan to prosecute Wilders on Fitna

2nd July 2008, Comments2 comments

The Jordanian justice authorities are preparing a criminal case against Dutch MP Geert Wilders because of his anti-Islam film, Fitna.

1 July 2008

JORDAN - The Jordanian justice authorities are preparing a criminal case against rightwing Dutch MP Geert Wilders because of his anti-Islam film, Fitna.

A Jordanian judge has ruled that there is a case to answer. A number of procedures will have to be followed before any indictment is issued and this is likely to take a considerable time.

The complaint has been brought by organisations which believe the film constitutes an incitement to hatred of Muslims. They have already launched a campaign to boycott Dutch products, blaming the government in The Hague for not prosecuting Wilders.

Jordan's justice authorities have announced that they are not aiming to arrest the Dutch MP, who leads the rightwing Freedom Party. They say the decision to prosecute was taken in order to send a signal to the Netherlands.

The Jordanian move follows Monday's announcement by Amsterdam's chief public prosecutor Leo de Wit that no case will be brought against Wilders in the Netherlands for either discrimination or incitement to hatred.

De Wit investigated comments made by the MP in 2006 and 2007 in a newspaper and on the Internet, and also looked at the Fitna film.

He decided the MP's words were offensive to Muslims, but that they had to be taken in the context of the political debate around Islam in the Netherlands. "We find Wilders' remarks were limited to Islam as a religious movement," he said.

The investigation lasted months and took European guidelines on discrimination into account. It also received advice from the Board of Procurators General and various external bodies.

A number of individuals and organisations are planning to contest de Wit's decision before Amsterdam's court of appeal.

[Radio Netherlands / Expatica]

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  • 2nd July 2008, 15:31:54 James Henry posted:
    Extradite him!
  • 3rd July 2008, 21:09:00 Wim posted:
    Fitna and Geert.
    The way I see it, if you are opposed to the release of Fitna film, then is it safe to say that you agree with and condone contents of what has been documented, and that's ok! carnage that is. I don't ever remembering reading people taking to the streets when these events unfolded to protest such events. But a whole lot of attention has been given to the release of this film and a whole lot of protest. Intersesting, got to wonder why!

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