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Green group stops counting supermarket organic products

8th November 2013, Comments1 comment

Environmental group Milieudefensie is to stop counting the number of different organic products sold in Dutch supermarkets because the survey 'has done its job'.

The organisation has carried out a yearly check on the amount of organic food stocked by supermarkets for the past 16 years.

'Organic food is no longer a marginalised product sold in specialist shops but has found its way on to every supermarket shelf,' spokeswoman Jacomijn Pluimers told the Volkskrant.

This year the number of organic products rose by 10% compared with 2012 while the choice of fair trade goods was up 41%.

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  • 8th November 2013, 16:52:59 HTD posted:
    Milieudefensie might better spend its energy on policing farmers and food handlers, who claim to be "organic". There is also an issue of a lack of standards as to what does or does not qualify as being valid organic produce. Without policing and standards, mislabeling and even corrupt organizations may be trying to deceive consumers into purchasing foods that are no different in quality or taste than non-organic items costing much less.

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