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Dutch prefer cuts to royal budget

2nd January 2012, Comments1 comment

A recent survey conducted by pollster TNS/NIPO shows that most people would prefer additional cuts to affect the monarchy and the development aid budget rather than defence spending.

The survey among nearly 1,000 people was commissioned by the Netherlands Atlantic Association, a forum on trans-Atlantic security issues.

According to those interviewed, any additional budget cuts should affect the royal budget 46 percent, development aid also 46 percent, integration 37 percent and emergency aid to war-torn regions and reconstruction 35 percent. Cuts to the defence budget were acceptable to just 15 percent of respondents.

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  • 4th January 2012, 11:43:09 John Doe posted:
    I wonder what people were polled as this goes very much against intuition.

    Somehow I feel this poll has been tampered with and needs to be repeated on a larger scale, by Maurice de Hond perhaps?

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