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Dutch insurers pay for Christian anti-gay therapy

17th January 2012, Comments3 comments

Dutch national daily reports that a therapy intended to cure gay and lesbian Christians who consider their sexual preference to be sinful is fully paid for by health insurance companies.

Health insurance companies are obligated to pay for the therapy because the organisation providing it, Different, is an officially recognised institution for mental health care.

Medical organisations argue that the therapy is inherently flawed and potentially harmful. A spokesperson for Doctors organisation KNMG says: “As a general rule, a doctor is not allowed to offer a therapy that does not work. There is no scientific evidence that a therapy intended to suppress a person’s homosexual feelings would be effective.” He added that such a therapy could even be harmful.

Psychologists working for Different say in that homosexuality is not an integral part of a person’s psychological make-up but rather an ‘orientation’ that can be treated. The organisation claims a 30-percent success rate. Homosexuality is seen as the result of psychological traumas incurred during childhood such as a lack of clear role models and child sex abuse.

Health insurance companies are much embarrassed by the therapy. A spokesperson for the Achmea company says it rejects the therapy but is legally obligated to pay the bills submitted by these clients.


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3 comments on this article Add a comment

  • 17th January 2012, 23:33:24 Steve posted:
    That's truly horrifying.
  • 18th January 2012, 02:15:34 ah123 posted:
    So will the Dutch parliament change the law? Or will the Netherland be known for legally obligating insurance companies to pay for gay cure therapy?
  • 18th January 2012, 05:48:22 Ezam posted:
    Is homeopathy also covered? How about exorcisms?

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