Zoku: Accommodating the Modern Nomadic Lifestyle (sponsored contribution)

13th April 2010, Comments 0 comments

Modern nomads spend part of their working lives abroad. They may work as a freelancer or as a management consultant. Or they may be on a sabbatical doing research for their new book.

A place that fits
When working abroad, they want a friendly, clever and affordable base of operation that includes both attractive living space and working facilities. A fun and functional place that resonates with their personalities and offers new, interesting experiences.

Zoku: a new way of staying
Enter Zoku, a new hotel concept that facilitates the global nomadic tribe. Zoku is a home away from home and an office away from the office. At the same time, Zoku is a social hub for like-minded people, providing guests with an informal space where they can meet, relax and be inspired. Compared to traditional options such has hotels and apartments, Zoku is substantially more affordable. And being a true 21st century concept, Zoku has sustainability embedded in its DNA.

Win a hotel package for two
Your opinion is highly valued and we invite you to fill in a short questionnaire; by doing so, you stand the change of winning a hotel package for two persons.

We invite you to co-create Zoku
Zoku is a work in progress and we welcome you to help us develop it. We would like to hear any ideas you may have that can help develop Zoku into the place you would love to stay. You can follow Zoku on Twitter or visit our weblog.

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