Write-a-thon 2008: Writing Alone Together

27th August 2008, Comments 0 comments

It's 5 September. Pencils poised. Laptops humming. The smell of fresh-brewed coffee. And they’re off!

Fifty people gathered in a silent room all grab the chance to write, write, write around-the-clock. Their goal? Defy the demands of bosses, partners, children, dogs…and express a part of themselves on the page.   
Writing may be a lonely endeavor. But not during the 24 hours of Write-a-thon 2008, when daring individuals will set aside their daily lives to write alone—together.
This event, unique to the Netherlands, marks the five-year anniversary of The Amsterdam Writing Workshops, founded in 2003 by Lisa Friedman to help writers write. “Most people struggle to claim time and space for their creativity,” she says. “The Write-a-thon challenges people to acknowledge their writing as an urgent priority.”   
The Write-a-thoners will convene at 17:00 on Friday, September 5th, in the high-ceilinged rooms of Felix Meritis, the cultural centre in the heart of Amsterdam. Participants will be provided with everything they need: paper and pencils, outlets for laptops, plenty of food, and cushions for the inevitable snooze. There’ll even be a grab-bag of writing prompts should inspiration wane.
At precisely 17:00 on Saturday 6 September, the writers will pack up their pages and the after-party can begin.

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