Wolf in sheep's clothing calls for soft Islamic education

20th June 2008, Comments 7 comments

Ahmed Marcouch, head council of Slotervaart, sparks debate asking for public schools to offer some form of instruction in Islam.

20 June 2008

The head of the council of the Amsterdam district of Slotervaart, Ahmed Marcouch, has for the second time in less than two weeks provoked a heated debate within the Labour Party about the role of religion in public schools. The district councillor wants public schools to offer some form of instruction in Islam to reduce what he calls the "schizophrenic" gap between the pupils' home life, the Qur'an lessons they receive in the weekends and the secular school system.

In an interview in the Amsterdam daily Het Parool Mr Marcouch, who in 2006 became the first Muslim district councillor in the Netherlands, warned that many pupils from Muslim backgrounds were turning into Islamic extremism because the only form of religious education available is from fundamentalist Sunday schools. He argues that if, in their thirst for religion, youngsters fall into the trap set by an anti-democratic movement, it's the job of the authorities to take action.

Mr Marcouch received the support of fellow Labour Party member Deputy Social Affairs Minister Ahmed Aboutaleb, but most of the party condemned his proposal as endangering the separation between church and state. In April, the extremist imam Jneid Fawaz condemned him as "a hypocrite and a wolf in sheep's clothing". Now fellow Labour Party politicians are saying the same.

Dutch MP expects Jordanian arrest warrant

Dutch MP Geert Wilders says Jordan will soon issue an international warrant for his arrest in connection with his anti-Islam film, Fitna. The leader of the right-wing Party for Freedom (PVV) says the move will mean he could be extradited to Jordan if he travels abroad. He says Foreign Minister Maxime Verhagen has been informed of the risk and is taking it extremely seriously.

A group calling itself The Messenger of Allah Unites Us has brought a case in Jordan against Mr Wilders. He is accused of racism and incitement to hatred of Islam and Muslims, and the charge has been ruled actionable by a court in the Jordanian capital Amman. The Dutch MP expects the court to go on to issue a summons and an arrest warrant.


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  • Gerry posted:

    on 24th June 2008, 14:43:38 - Reply

    I hope the 500 year time gap between both religions closes soon, Christians had all this mind control and power grabbing during the reformation when you were executed for saying the Pope was a tyrant and prodestants challenged his grip on Europe. Maybe Muslims are just not ready for the West and it's "so what you believe in God" attitude. Who cares what people call their Teddies. I was taught it was not polite to talk about religion or Politics as you may unintentionally offend someone.
  • Wim posted:

    on 24th June 2008, 02:27:24 - Reply


    Thanks for your comment. Tolerance, if by you mean "understanding" once culture, sure, that you should be a requirement, so they can respect other faiths and beliefs. What lie did FITNA tell, none that I could see, it was no Hollywood production, but it was all documented events brought to light, just like the footage of the camps after the war.
    This is a struggle of two faiths and two God's, and the world will end up in war over this issue. I do not know what you faith is, but I would be willing to share with you what the Bible says. But ther is one fact that is undisputable. Jehovah God of the Bible, the Bible and Jesus came first. Allah and Mohammed and th Quran came 600 years afer Jesus, and did you know Danile the Quran quotes the Bible, the Bible never quotes the Quran!

    Take care: Wim
  • Daniel Lang posted:

    on 23rd June 2008, 16:28:46 - Reply

    Perhaps the Dutch educational system should require that Muslims take classes in religious tolerance By the way, what lies dit FITNA tell???
  • wim posted:

    on 22nd June 2008, 05:37:34 - Reply


    I did watch the film, and again I asked, what LIE did he tell? All he did was to assimulate what they have done, and their intentions. If you saw this film as well, what did I miss? I saw mayhem and distruction, unless you argree with everything that this so called peaceful faith does. Hitler wrote a book, and no one believed him!
  • Al posted:

    on 22nd June 2008, 02:02:04 - Reply

    this is frightening. Muslims are using a three-pronged approach to take over Europe. Firstly, by immigrating to Europe in record numbers and out-birthing native Europeans by having many children (often on the State dole), Secondly by their terrorist attacks and promoting fear that any action by a government to curtail immigration would result in attacks, and Thirdly by stealth methods such as this program to teach Islam in school, forcing "tolerance" programs, and making claims of racism if one questions their value and allegiences.
  • Otoman posted:

    on 22nd June 2008, 00:01:47 - Reply

    wim just shutup kid,you sound like a moron.wilders is a fasho,piriod,you schould wacht the anti-fitna movie at you tube,they have atleast better cuality
  • Wim posted:

    on 21st June 2008, 05:46:24 - Reply

    So, with Geert just compling a video of what the Muslim faith and its followers are all about, what LIE did Mr Wilders tell? So, as soon s we bring to light and show what a fantical group is up to, they say its racism? Sounds like they have some thing to hide. They teach their chrildren that Jews are pigs, why isn't anyone jumping on that stage?