Will Netherlands bid to host the 2028 Olympics?

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Dutch Crown Prince hopes bid to host Olympics will increase young people’s interest in sports.

14 August 2008

THE NETHERLANDS - Prince Willem-Alexander says he hopes the Netherlands ambitions to host the Olympic Games will lead to an improvement in Dutch attitudes to sports.

Speaking as an IOC member in Beijing, he said he believes the Netherlands should look beyond the high costs of running the Olympics. Whether or not the games come to the Netherlands, the prince thinks the aim should be to increase young people's interest in sports.

In 2006, CDA Minister of Economic Affairs Maria van der Hoeven set aside EUR 400,000 to investigate the possibility of the Netherlands hosting the games in 2028, exactly 100 years after the Amsterdam Olympics. At the time she said: "The Olympic Games has a huge economic effect on the host country."

The study, which is due to report its findings in August, was ordered after a workgroup said a Dutch bid to hold the games would be realistic.

It’s not clear which city will be proposed as host. The Olympic committee of national sports federation (NOC*NSF) has drawn up a plan for the bid in consultation with various ministries plus the councils of the four major cities, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague and Utrecht.

The plan consists of three phases. The first is the feasibility study, including research into the level of support for a Dutch bid. The second phase (2008-2016) focuses on investment and the construction of an infrastructure. By the third phase in 2016 a decision will be made on whether to go ahead with a Dutch bid, in which case the International Olympic Committee will be approached.

Can the Netherlands win a bid to host the Olympic Games?
The Netherlands is up against Vancouver and Seattle, who are considering entering a joint bid for the same year.

Any plan to bid for the Olympics would also have to be "Boerlage-proof", after Amsterdam failed to win a bid to hold the 1992 Games following a strong anti-games campaign led by politician Saar Boerlage.

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