Wilders receives death threat from Greeks

18th June 2011, Comments 6 comments

Freedom Party leader Geert Wilders says he has received a death threat following his call to expel Greece from the eurozone and stop financial aid to the debt-stricken country.

MP Wilders confirmed the news to newspaper De Telegraaf, calling the threats “horrible”.

The anti-Islam politician, who is under 24-hour bodyguard protection, says he is going to report the threat to the police.

The death threat was made in a telephone call to the Dutch embassy in the Greek capital Athens. Mr Wilders says he has also received hate mail from disgruntled Greeks.

Last week, Mr Wilders took a huge drachma note to the Greek embassy in The Hague, calling on Athens to reintroduce their former national currency. cl

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6 Comments To This Article

  • Grant posted:

    on 20th June 2011, 15:26:29 - Reply

    Who is the dumb greek sending a death threat??? Greece needs its Drachma. He is the best friend the greeks ever had.
  • noel hayden posted:

    on 19th June 2011, 13:52:33 - Reply

    anonymous is right; the dutch should understand him
  • anonymous posted:

    on 19th June 2011, 10:22:12 - Reply

    Must be hell for Geert- bodygards, threats, him and his wife feeling alienated from one another because they only see each other once a week if lucky,and he can't sleep in the same place more than two nights in a row, He's ridiculed,insulted, called all kinds of names that don't describe him accurately at all,..and why do I get the impression his own country gives him a bad time too ? That's a pity, because he's got his country's comfort, welfare, safety and rights in mind in the way he thinks. He's right about Muslim immigrants too--he knows that for all the generosity and tolerance that's shown them it will be at Holland's expense. The Dutch should understand that.
  • Joe posted:

    on 19th June 2011, 01:50:11 - Reply

    Forget Wilders...........who wants to send their own money to the Greeks? I sure don't.
  • jack posted:

    on 18th June 2011, 20:08:32 - Reply

    Is there anyone not threatened by Wilders ????????
  • John Blutarski posted:

    on 18th June 2011, 19:02:52 - Reply

    Is there anyone who isn't threatening Wilders?