Wilders plans second anti-Islam Fitna film

16th April 2009, Comments 1 comment

Dutch MP Geert Wilders plans to produce another movie on the consequences of mass immigration from Muslim countries in Western countries.

THE NETHERLANDS – Rightwing MP Geert Wilders is planning to make a follow-up to his controversial anti-Islam film, Fitna, reports De Telegraaf

The new film, due to be ready in 2010, will focus on the negative effects of Islam advance in Western countries of what he calls the advance of Islam in Western countries.

“It will not be a copy of Fitna. This is the second phase,” said the Freedom Party leader. “I now want to show the consequences of mass immigration from Muslim countries… The film will focus on freedom of speech issues and the strict Islamic legal system known as sharia.”

The leader of the opposition Freedom Party hopes to receive help from professional film-makers in the United States.

Fitna, which means strife or ordeal in Arabic, is a compilation of video footage interspersed with quotes from the Koran and was released in March 2008.

In 2008, a court in Amsterdam ruled that Wilders should be prosecuted for inciting hatred and discrimination and the 15-minute Fitna film was cited as evidence against him.

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  • Daniel Lang posted:

    on 16th April 2009, 18:34:19 - Reply

    Hopefully, Wilders will be able to continue with his project unabatted. Maybe the civilized world will pay more attention to Part 2 than they did to Fitna.