“What’s the first thing the next president should do to improve the US’s reputation?”

“What’s the first thing the next president should do to improve the US’s reputation?”

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As Expatica follows developments in the run-up to Super Tuesday, we asked you to share some of your views with us on the upcoming presidential elections in the US.

Who do you think will win the Super Tuesday Primaries?

From criticism of foreign policy to advice for the next president, our readers certainly have some strong views. Read what some Expatica readers have to say:

Are you more or less interested in the US politics since you have been living abroad? Why?

I would say that it is not any more or less because I have always been very interested in politics, but if you wanted to pin me down … I would have to say more because I really want the US to change directions. I can tell that my non-US friends and co-workers (colleagues) have a sort of animosity or disgust for the US. James Ashburn

The voting becomes more important once you are outside the country because you are more in touch with how the world feels about America. You start questioning its status as a global power; if it should continue to be so. - Kevin Motay

Would you say internationals are more interested in US elections? If so, then why?

Yes, I think on the whole internationals are more interested in the elections than Americans, because of our historic anti-intellectualism and just plain apathy. For better or for worse, U.S. policy influences and/or dictates the events and policy making across the world; this election is very much in the world's interest.  Internationals pay attention, and take a vested interest; they have more experience as a people over generations who have experienced the perils of cynical or plain destructive politics. -Jennie Dallery

Yes, because the US foreign policy under the two terms that Bush has been in office has been incredibly short-sighted and wrong, not to mention, in my opinion, criminal. To go and invade a sovereign nation as they have done in Iraq under false pretenses, makes George W. Bush and Dick Cheney war criminals. The US constitution requires the US Congress to declare war before a war can start. They now have invaded a country using hundreds of billions of US taxpayer dollars, killed innocent civilians, killed US servicemen and women, bombed the Iraqi infrastructure into complete destruction, and now are spending billions more to "rebuild" Iraq while granting no-bid contracts to Halliburton and other contractors closely tied to the current administration, neglected the US infrastructure (bridges collapsing in Minneapolis, Hurricane Katrina, old pipes bursting in New York City, crumbling roads, etc), poverty and homelessness on the rise, healthcare out of reach for millions of Americans, etc.James Ashburn

What is the first thing the next president should do to improve the global image of the United States?

Take steps to get the troops out of Iraq. Also, if it's not too late, sign the Kyoto treaty and follow up on promises made in Bali. Confront China on Human Rights abuses... -Jennie Dallery

Restore the Constitution.  Restore the economy.  Bring home the soldiers from Iraq. Invest in green energy.Jennifer Gilroy

Pull all US troops out of Iraq, apologize for the illegal war, and hold an economic/political forum with other nations to figure out how we can improve all economies, peace, and social justice for the world's citizens.James Ashburn

Create stronger diplomatic ties to other countries and show that we are true partners with them and lose our righteous attitude we can sometime have towards others.Ty Jernstedt

That's a tough question. I listened to a talk with Senator Chuck Hagel ... I wish he had decided to run. He would make an excellent President. Chuck Hagel said that to resolve problems in the Middle East, the United States needs to understand the cultures of the region. He explained in a compelling way that the US often fails to gain support by imposing AMERICAN cultural views and perspectives on those of other nations. I guess from a PR perspective it would be useful for a new President to tell the world they recognize the diversity of the world and will do more in foreign relations to understand and respect cultural differences.Kimberly McCabe

Get out of Iraq and stop supporting Israeli genocide.LeRoy Euvrard

Stop supporting Israel unconditionally, stop doing Israel's dirty work for it, stop supporting the house of Saud and doing its dirty work for it. The Iraq war is just a symptom of these two pillars of American foreign policy.David Rossiter

Nothing. We have too many problems at home to worry about. We need to manage our resources better, like stop giving money to incompetent CEOs and pumping billions into places where the national past time is being excitable, killing each other and having large families. Instead, we should worry about our infrastructure and why children can't count or get healthcare. We need to get around to deporting the millions of illegal aliens who break our laws and then expect to be handed a passport. (We do, though, need to worry about how to attract the world's best and brightest!) We also need to worry about why so many Americans are overworked, with little rights or even vacation. “Bagofhammers”

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