What are your summer plans?

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Summer is once again upon us. It’s time to fire up the barbecue and lounge in the garden; to lazily enjoy cocktails on the terrace; to soak up the sun you’ve been pining for all winter long.

We know you’d rather be outside, so Expatica is putting together the Expatica Summer Edition to spice up your summer days.

To make this the hottest summer guide around, Expatica needs your contributions. Just read below, click, and recommend.

    * Do you have a fabulous summer recipe to share? (Cocktail recipes especially welcome)
    * Which terrace is the best in your area?
    * Do you know a great weekend getaway?
    * Which books make perfect summer reading?
    * Which beach is simply the best?
    * Where can you get the best ice cream?
    * How do you avoid summer tourists?
    * Where is the ideal spot to have a picnic?
    * Where do you take your kids for some summer fun?
    * Do you know of an exceptional summer event?
    * What do you do when it’s raining?

The Expatica Summer Edition won’t be the same without your contribution, so please share your best summer tips with your fellow readers!

Please send your contributions for the Netherlands to netherlands@expatica.com

Please send your contributions for Belgium to belgium@expatica.com

Please send your contributions for France to france@expatica.com

Please send your contributions for Germany to germany@expatica.com

Please send your contributions for Switzerland to switzerland@expatica.com

Please send your contributions for Spain to spain@expatica.com
Don’t forget: before you make summer plans, consult your Expatica Summer Edition, chock-full of recommendations from your fellow readers. Online at the end of May 2008!

Here’s to a great summer 2008,

The Expatica Team

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