Website for "Fitna: The Movie" is online

5th March 2008, Comments 18 comments

The website has been online since Wednesday morning.

5 March 2008

RIJSWIJK - The website has been online since Wednesday morning. Freedom party PVV leader Geert Wilders reported two weeks ago that his anti-Koran film, entitled Fitna, would at least be available for viewing on this website.

The site contains a black background with the text "Geert Wilders presents Fitna - Coming Soon." There is also the image of the front of a Koran bearing the text "Koran El Karim" in Arabic, meaning "Holy Koran."  

The site is hosted by a US company. The showing of the film on the site does not exclude the possibility that the film may be shown on Dutch television. Wilders said on Wednesday he is still in talks with various broadcasters.

In Fitna Wilders wants to illustrate his opinion that the Koran, the holy book of the Muslims, is a fascist book that continues to incite violence. The politician says that the film does not violate any Dutch laws. He is still seeking a television channel that will air Fitna in its entirety.

The film's title means 'trial' or 'tribulation' in Arabic. The word, which originally meant 'sledgehammer', refers to the struggle within the faith for the essence of Islam.

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  • Bhumi Putra posted:

    on 3rd May 2008, 00:58:46 - Reply

    Let us all ponder over these questions to arrive at the "Truth" about Islam:
    1. Malaysia, with a slender majority of Muslims, is an Islamic State. Countries with huge majority of Christians or India with such majority of Hindus are not Christian or Hindu States.
    2. In Malaysian cities where non-Muslims are in a majority, elections are not held. Kuala Lumpur with a huge non-Muslim majority has always had a Muslim mayor, nominated by the Government.
    3. Muslims have multiplied four fold in India, much faster than Hindus, since Independence while Hindus in Pakistan have been reduced to an insignificant number.
    4. Muslims are the only immigrant minority who create trouble in the country to which they migrated and prospered economically. Today, they are threatening the British Government with danger to civilians unless the foreign policy is modulated to their dictates. The country which gave them shelter is being asked to make foreign policy not as the nation feels fit but as this immigrant minority dictates.
    5. In all the conflicts in the world, one party is invariably Muslim.
    6. In all non-Muslim countries, there is respect for rule of law. Legitimate violence is the preserve of instruments of State and any other actor using violence is condemned as outlaw. In Muslim countries, the non-State actors using violence are glorified.
    7. In none of the religious capitals of the world, persons of other faiths are barred from entering the city. Only in Mecca, they are not only barred, the punishment is death.
    8. No other religion of the world berates the followers of other faiths in such crude terms as does Islam. No other religious book legitimizes the killing of persons of other faiths or destruction of their places of worships and religious icons.
    9. In India, millions of Hindus visits the shrines of Muslim saints. Do the Muslims reciprocate?
    10. When a Muslim marries a non-Muslim, why is it that it is the latter that has to change faith?
    11. The Muslim aversion to music and arts in general is difficult to explain in rational terms. No other religion, not even the extremely orthodox Catholic Christianity had such aversion.
    12. Islam is the only religion (except the few Mormons) which legitimises polygamy even in 21st century. All others who permitted it earlier have changed with times.
    13. The position of women in Islam has continuously deteriorated. Practices in some other cultures might still be abhorrent but these do not have State sanction. In Islam, the wrapping up of women is mandatory. Inequality, polygamy but not polyandry, evidence of women being equal to half a man, asymmetry in divorce laws, all point to a belief that women are to be subjected to total control by men which the holy book says in so many words. Practice of septuagenarians marrying teenagers is prevalent only among Muslims perhaps following the example of the Prophet
    14. Islam is the only religion founded on negative concepts. The Book exhorts to do things in a manner opposite to that of Kaffirs.
    15. Islam is the only religion founded by a totally illiterate Prophet.
    16. Only Islam permits rejoicing at the destruction of places of worship and religious symbols of other faiths and considers it an act of merit. The writing of Muslim historians who wrote from tenth to eighteenth century in India is replete with expressions of jubilations and praise for the perpetrators when such acts were done. In 21st century, persons of other faiths entering through Jeddah airport are frisked for any scriptures which, if found, are torn on the spot and thrown in the dustbin. Religious icons, if found, are crushed underfoot by the soldiers in the presence of the owners. There are numerous records of Hindu idols being placed at the entrance of mosques, which were trampled by everyone who entered the mosque. Even the Prophet destroyed the 360 images in Mecca when he gained control of it. All this has religious sanction and is not considered an aberration. Even modern Muslims take pride in these acts and are not willing to concede that these were acts of religious bigotry.
    17. The apostasy laws of Islam, which provide death penalty for any Muslim trying to change his faith, are the only one of their kind in the world. These are all the more irrational when one notices that Islam, being a proselytizing religion, would not have come into being except through apostasy by adherents of some other faith.
    18. While we keep hearing of Islam being a religion of peace and of brotherhood, very few Muslims, if any, are willing to say that this extends to persons of other faiths. The peace and brotherhood of Islam is confined to co-religionists while there is much overt hostility, scorn and derision for other faiths.
    19. While Muslims have reacted strongly to religion specific security measures being contemplated to solve the problems created at the airports by the threat in August 2006 by certain Muslim elements to passenger air transport, they have been comfortable with religion specific measures taken by many Islamic countries:
    a. In Pakistan, non-Muslims constitute separate electorates.
    b. In many Islamic countries, non-Muslims are given distinct passports.
    c. In several of the Islamic countries there are different visa requirements for non-Muslims.
    d. Mecca is the only religious capital of the world where it is an offence for non-Muslims to enter. The penalty is death. In India, there is hardly any important Hindu shrine which was not demolished and substituted by a mosque during the centuries of Muslim rule or where a mosque has not been constructed adjacent to it. In some cases, as in Ramtek in Vidarbha, a shrine finding mention even in writings of Kalidasa, you are greeted by a mosque as you enter the expanse of the hilltop shrine.
    e. There are hardly any Muslim majority countries which have not been declared Islamic countries. There is hardly any non-Muslim majority country which has been declared a theocratic State. Bangladesh, liberated with Indian help, started as a secular country, assassinated the liberator Sheikh Mujib and declared itself an Islamic State. Malaysia with a slender majority of Muslims is an Islamic State with laws loaded against non-Muslims.
    f. Many Islam States have, even in this age, religion specific taxation. Hindus suffered it for centuries of Muslim rule.
  • Fitna One posted:

    on 21st April 2008, 13:53:32 - Reply

    To make the whole issue simple, define evil as malicious harm. Self-defense is the only exception as it is in the defense of life. A religion's classification should be evil if that religion causes malicious harm. Consider that a god must be weak if that god requires humans to defend it (substitute him or her as appropriate).

    Fitna has a few inherent flaws, but the idea of using the "Koran El Karim" to show the truth of Islam was inspired. The refutation of the Fitna movie attacked the Fitna movie in a weak spot. The World Trade Center or Twin Towers attack (aka: 9-11). I never saw such a perfectly controlled demolition and I viewed many. Consider that the destruction would have spread to adjecent structures if the towers had toppled outside of its foundation. Except for dust and schrapnel from the explosions, all of the structure fell within its foundations. The towers would be standing today if the planes had been the only destructive influence.

    Of course, Islam is not the only religion that may be accused of evil, but I ran across an interesting article at .

    I tried the websites suggested to see if the original Fitna movie was available and found the websites suspended or closed. Of course, you only need to read a translation of the Qur'an {القرآن} to see the truth, but audio and visual representations do bring the scriptures to life. Since it is in the Qur'an that the truth should not be hidden, those that are trying to suppress the Fitna movie are actually going against the Qur'an:

    The Cow
    [2.42] And do not mix up the truth with the falsehood, nor hide the truth while you know (it).

    The Family of Imran
    [3.71] O followers of the Book! Why do you confound the truth with the falsehood and hide the truth while you know (it)?
  • Bhumi Putra posted:

    on 19th April 2008, 13:32:05 - Reply

    The trouble with Moslems is that they ignore what the world is seeing and saying and keep repeating that Islam is a religion of peace. That assertion is questionable even on the basis of verses in Koran which relate to the duty of all Moslems to kill those who wish to leave Islam. Are cruel punishments like stoning to death, cutting off the limbs or making a wall fall on the accused signs of a peaceful religion? In India, there is not a single Hindu or Buddhist pre-Islamic rule monument standing intact. Every image, which was dear to these faiths of these ancient religions, has been deliberately disfigured. Is it a sign of religion of peace? Thousands of temples have been destroyed in Bangladesh after India helped it attain independence in 1971 as graphically described by Taslima Nasreen. She could not stay in India because of pressure built by Indian Moslems. The huge Buddhist images were destroyed in Afghanistan while the world watched in horror and Moslems celebrated in the streets. Is this a religion of peace?
    All countries dominated by any other faith allow Moslems to live and practice their religion. Try to enter Saudi Arabia with a religious book or icon of any other religion. It shall be destroyed before your eyes. Moslems flee oppression and poverty in Islamic countries and then demand Islamic rule in secular countries which give them shelter. Today, Turkish Prime Minister has told German Moslems not to integrate with German society.
    Hatred and scorn for other faiths is scattered throughout Koran. Let any Moslem stand and say that he gives the same respect for other faiths that he expects for his faith from others. They retain the right to convert others to their faith, by coercion, if necessary, as was done in Pakistan and Bangladesh, and earlier in Iran and Afghanistan. Yet, they threaten Moslems with death if they wish to exercise the freedom of choosing another faith.
    Islam is retrograde. The world evolves but this cult wants to stick to the words of an ancient time which is anachronistic today. The Koran says that it is a crime not to be a Moslem and their leaders like Anjam Chaudhary echo that stupid sentiment on TV. Then they want the world to believe that Islam is a religion of peace.
    Moslems should wake up and realise that if others have not resorted to violence with equal fervour against their Jihad, it is not because people of other faiths are cowards. It is because other faiths do not exhort with such fervour a resort to violence. Moslems should not wait for the day when the pitcher of patience of the rest of the faiths overflows. Then it will be too late for Moslems. They should know that religions can be wiped out. Moslems themselves had done this to the great Zoroastrians in Persia.
  • jesus christ posted:

    on 3rd April 2008, 20:30:28 - Reply

    Peace upon everybody.Patient and think.What ever religion you are.... stop all the nonsense.
  • driss posted:

    on 31st March 2008, 13:48:53 - Reply

    to the thing who informed us about his great news that mohammed (pbuh)took a wife of 6yers do you know that she was a fiancees of an other men before the prophet. and what do you know arab people and arab climate
  • human being posted:

    on 29th March 2008, 07:10:01 - Reply

    christian and muslim are both believer for the second coming which is by the name of jesus chirst. so let it be happen and he will judged us and tell us what is the truth between our argument.
  • Anti IGNORANCE posted:

    on 25th March 2008, 18:25:08 - Reply

    Jeesus,reading your comments i realized how ignorant,racist and facist are all of u guys!it's disgusting,all of u are talking about exterminating muslims,taking them out of europe,wtf?these ideas are bullshit and have nothing to do with the european's really disgusting.
  • Mohammed is wrong posted:

    on 24th March 2008, 23:51:32 - Reply

    WWII said Hitler was a Christian. No, its clear to see that he was not. A Christian is supposed to try to keep the commandments. Plenty of people call themselves Christians who are not. Its easy to see that WWII is a muslim. Did you guys know that Mohammed took a wife at 6yrs old, had had sex with her when she was 9. He was an old man, having sex with a young child.
  • Martin G posted:

    on 22nd March 2008, 07:43:27 - Reply

    Islam is a cancer that should be removed before it spreads and kills its host (Europe).
  • alpfree posted:

    on 17th March 2008, 18:26:22 - Reply

    The problem this Wilders has nothing to do, because he is contradicting the aims and objectives of his party.
    Freedom means, let other go ahead with what they beliefs in and not looking to theirs as backdated or premetive, the same you look, the same others look onto.
  • ali posted:

    on 17th March 2008, 18:23:46 - Reply

    I do not why this Wilders contradicting his objectives and means by Party of Freedom.
    Freedom means, let others believe in what thy wany, do not look to them as a superior.
  • sven posted:

    on 17th March 2008, 13:25:41 - Reply

    looks like uk release for fitna the movie is set for 23rd March 2008 as per website
  • AntiMus posted:

    on 15th March 2008, 00:00:15 - Reply

    To WWII, you do not know how muslims attacked and destroyed Christians churches in Indonesia. How the so called Defender of Islam front acted, especially during the so called holy month of Ramadhan, they forced non muslims to close the businesses. There is no tolerance in muslim, that is for sure. Why in Rome there is mosque, why no church in Mecca ? Why non muslims are barred entering Mecca, is islam a tolerant religion, it is a non-sense !
  • Anti- posted:

    on 13th March 2008, 09:25:06 - Reply

    Its only a film what is the big deal. Its about time someone stopped tolerating muslims. They have low ownership of homes and are bad people. Young girls forced into marring old men its trully sickening. All muslims should be drven out of Europe they are not welcome.
  • WWII posted:

    on 11th March 2008, 22:03:22 - Reply

    This is pretty much how Hitler started his revolution to do whatever it takes. At his time there were Jews, not to many Muslims around. Now, it is Muslims turn. Whatever happened to Christ’s (JESUS) message that should one slap you on one cheek turned the other one over too.

    As I see it, Wilders likes to take attention. Those who applauded him play right into his hand. No person with even half decency will try what he is doing. Wilders is writing a conflict that has not yet started. All I hope is that what happened in WWII namely to Jews does not happen to Muslims.

    As for thinking Muslims are bad just because there are some terrorists, what about Hitler he was Christian. Both of the last two World Wars have been started by Christian people, if I may say so. Fanatics often belong to some religious or creed where playing with people’s emotions is so easy. What about slavery which can be sighted with almost every black African American. It was not done by anyone but all by Christian countries. Whatever happened to Native Americans and Australians! They are endangered species now thanks Christian governments.

    With time people often forget. But history is there for those who seek it. In our present time, Al-Qaeda was founded and thought by CIA. CIA invited Osama Bin Laden to Afghanistan whereas Sadam Hussain was also a member of CIA. These facts are public just goggle it. Muslims religion has been hijacked by same people who now claim that it is intolerant. For the names I quoted above, they are just like Mr. Wilders stopping at nothing for their own personal agenda. None of them stand for even an iota of peace.

    For those interested to know what is Islam (Muslims), read history and you will know it. During Muslim era in Palestine and Israel, all Churches, Synagogues and Temples were protected as they stand witness to this age. All religious groups practiced freely as their work stands witness to this age. See India after and before Muslim rule and you will see the truth. I encourage to you to read about Muslim Spain before and after. What Muslim rule does not allow is to harm anyone or any group. You don’t see any Muslim tarnishing Jesus Christ’s image, or an image of any other Religion or Creed. For Islam stands for freedom of speech as long as it does not violate or hurt other peoples feelings.
  • john doe posted:

    on 6th March 2008, 21:13:48 - Reply

    I wait patiently for the the day Islam will be no more.
  • albrecht posted:

    on 6th March 2008, 21:09:25 - Reply

    The Dutch government won't allow the film to be shown on Dutch telly because they are afraid of the many Muslims, many of whom have proven to be militant and fundamentalist, living in their cities due to failed immigration policies. This is same reason why a majority of NATO countries ceded Kosovo to the Albanian Muslims and supported the terrorist group KLA. They hope to APPEASE the radical, fundamentalist Muslims and are afraid that the 5th column of Islamic immigrants living in European, and American, cities. A sad state of affairs that countries, especially such as the Netherlands, have not learned anything from the past. Appeasement doesn't work when faced with a committed, radical, and illogical enemy such as radical Islam.
  • Don Pedro posted:

    on 6th March 2008, 09:38:22 - Reply

    Yes! Yes!

    I want to see, other one with b***ls in this country, let's see how the Islam’s will deal with this movie and if the Royal Family / Politics will run again to take more pictures near of the Mosque's and saying The Nederland’s are tolerant and doesn’t have any reason for alarm.

    If we have to respect them, they have to respect us as well.

    They are not living on own land, Europe it is for Europeans with European rules if not happy just move back to own countries.

    Tiered to give respect and do not received nothing back from them.