Video: Dutch news roundup, 7 May 2011

Video: Dutch news roundup, 7 May 2011

7th May 2011, Comments 0 comments

On this week’s show: Should Nazi collaborators' children take part in remembering the victims of World War II, Obama versus Osama the opera, a student threatens to kill a teacher for better grade, and pig-therapy keeps the elderly fit.

Remembering the dead not for everyone
Every year on 5 May the Dutch celebrate the liberation of the Netherlands by the allied forces. The day before, 4 May, we remember the victims of WWII. This year the remembrance ceremony led to some controversy: should collaborators' children be allowed to speak?  

Obama versus Osama the opera
In world news, this was the week of Osama and Obama. And of course people in Holland were also talking about Osama’s death. Even the Dutch music scene was inspired by the news and composed a remarkable opera within a day.

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