Video: Dutch news roundup, 27 November 2010

Video: Dutch news roundup, 27 November 2010

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We visit the Oostvaardersplassen nature reserve where thousands of horses, deer and cattle face potential starvation in this coming winter.

Fur is becoming less of a taboo in Dutch fashion. We look at why millions of Dutch people ride bicycles without a protective helmet. And a woman seeks help fulfilling her father's wish to die.

Survival of the fittest

The thousands of horses, cattle and deer that roam freely in the Oostvaardersplassen may face yet another hard winter. Last year, more than a thousand of these animals died from starvation or exhaustion. It appears the clay rich soil in the reserve may not yield enough plant life to feed the multitude of beasts that graze there. The question is whether the animals should be provided with food or if the herds should be thinned out. We visit the Oostvaardersplassen on this week's programme.

The resurgence of fur
The protection of animals is high on the agenda in the Netherlands. As a result, the use of real fur in fashion has been taboo for many years. But now it seems things are beginning to change. Many young people seem not only willing to buy fur, but oblivious to the concerns expressed by animal rights activists. The latter group says the fur industry still commits acts of animal abuse and that people who purchase fur are generally unaware of the harm done to the animals.

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