Video: Dutch news roundup,  15 May 2010

Video: Dutch news roundup, 15 May 2010

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Afrikiyah Airways flight 771 crashed on Wednesday as it attempted to land in Tripoli, Libya. 71 Dutch nationals were onboard the flight and all but one of them died. 9-year old Ruben from Tilburg is the sole survivor of one of the worst air accidents in Dutch history.

10 years on and still no answers


This week marks the 10th anniversary of the deadly fireworks explosion in the city of Enschede. 23 people were killed when the massive fireball engulfed an entire neighbourhood. 1000 people were injured and 500 building were destroyed. But to date, no one knows exactly how the fire and subsequent explosion started. This week, a memorial service was held in remembrance of the victims and authorities announced they are starting a new investigation team because they have received new evidence.

Discord within the PVV

For the first time since he began his populist political movement, Freedom Party (PVV) leader and anti-Islam critic Geert Wilder has come under fire from a member of his own party. MP Hero Brinkman says the PVV must become more democratic and less dependent on Mr Wilders, who currently makes all major decision for the party, including hand selecting all Freedom Party MP's.

Amstedam stinks

The Dutch capital is slowly filling with piles of uncollected garbage. The trash collectors and street cleaners are currently on strike for higher wages, so the city's trash remains on the streets. It's quite a shock to the thousands of tourists visiting the city and it's annoying for city residents. Tourism officials are concerned that the messy streets and foul stench could tarnish Amsterdam's international reputation.

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