Video: Dutch news roundup,  1 May 2010

Video: Dutch news roundup, 1 May 2010

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This week marked the 30th anniversary of Queen Beatrix's accession to the throne. From the very start, the queen made it clear that her reign would be quite different from her mother's.

Most European monarchs have a ceremonial position, but Queen Beatrix is officially part of the government. But there's a discussion going on in Holland about whether her son, Prince Willem-Alexander, should have a purely ceremonial position when he succeeds his mother. He came under strong criticism last year because of his jet-set lifestyle and his purchase of a holiday home in Mozambique.

Sexual abuse
The Catholic Church in the Netherlands is continuing to be rocked by allegations about the the sexual abuse of children. The latest revelations come from former students of one of the most prestigious Jesuit-run schools in Holland, the Canisius secondary school. For the first time, the former head of the school has admitted publicly that he knew that one of his priests was abusing children, though he tried to downplay the seriousness of the crime.

Anne Frank
Queen Beatrix paid a visit to the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam this week to mark its 50th anniversary. After the Second World War, the house where the Franks lived in hiding for four years was scheduled to be demolished. People wanted to forget their memories of the Nazi occupation and the war and start a new life. But Anne Frank's diary had already become a best-seller in the United States, and it was largely thanks to this status that the Dutch decided to turn the house into a museum. To mark the anniversary, the museum opened a new room where all four of Anne Frank's diaries are exhibited.

Children's spending
Dutch school children are getting lessons in how to manage their money. In this day and age of computers and cell phones, many kids spend more than they have. Princess Maxima was on hand to accept a teaching package designed to help children to manage their finances. As one of the organisers of the project puts it, "children learn so many different subjects at school. Why not how to manage their own finances?"

Eric Beauchemin
Radio Netherlands 


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