Ventilation systems possible ‘solution’ to smoking ban

9th September 2009, Comments 3 comments

The health minister will present a research proposal during Friday’s cabinet meeting to investigate how ventilation systems could be used by the hospitality industry.

The Hague -- Hotels, restaurants and bars may return to pre-ban smoking policies depending on a proposed study of ventilation systems, reports the ANP and

Health minister Ab Klink will present the research proposal during Friday’s cabinet meeting.

If the study moves forward, policy makers could discern if ventilation systems would properly remove smoke -- and with it the danger of second-hand smoke -- from a cafe or bar.

Klink may then decide businesses with adequate ventilation systems would not be required to create separate smoking rooms. In other words, smoking would be allowed throughout the premises.

The minister announced two months ago that he intended to "repair" the current legislation governing smoking in hotels, restaurants and bars.

The government has claimed the aim of the legislation is to protect employees from the dangers of second-hand smoke inhalation; however, it has remained a controversial law in the Netherlands.

Since the ban was implemented in July 2008, the courts have ruled on two occasions that smoking was permissible in small cafes run by the owner without employees. The food and consumer product safety authority (VWA) suspended its spot checks on these small bars over the summer.

Klink emphasized to media sources that the smoking ban otherwise remains in force.

Radio Netherlands / Expatica

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  • Chris W posted:

    on 10th September 2009, 01:34:21 - Reply

    Well ,well ,Well a sensible solution at last ?,hope the U.K follows suite , a little research shows that modern ventilation systems remove 99.97% of airborne pollution including viruses, not just a bit of harmless second hand smoke !
  • Stephen posted:

    on 10th September 2009, 01:33:26 - Reply

    Here is something you should know about ventilation
    1. People smoke at the level where people breathe.
    2. People breathe the smoke BEFORE it migrates to a vent
    3. Ventilation is located in the ceiling, no one smokes in the ceiling.
    4. Ventilation is worthless. Cigarette smoke goes everywhere!
    5. What about the employees? Is it acceptable to blow smoke in their lungs? They don\\\'t choose to breathe.
  • Bob posted:

    on 9th September 2009, 17:30:36 - Reply

    It sounds like the local business owners will see that their customers "repair" their donations to his church.