Up to 50% Asian electronics in Holland unsafe

15th July 2008, Comments 0 comments

Dutch safety watchdog warns of cheap Asian electronic products and says up to 50% of them are unsafe.

15 July 2008

THE NETHERLANDS - The Dutch Authority for the safety of food and consumer products (VWA) on Tuesday said between 20 and 50 percent of Asian electronics on sale for low prices in the Netherlands are unsafe.

The VWA made its statements in the Dutch daily Algemeen Daglblad.

The watchdog for consumer safety said also toys often do not meet minimum safety standards.

In 2007, the VWA investigated more than 380 shiploads of electronic equipment, electronic wiring and toys, mostly made in China.

Between 20 and 50 percent of the products did not meet minimum safety requirements.

The VWA said the quality of electronic equipment is often so poor that the chances of being electrocuted are real.

[dpa / Expatica]

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