The welfare state is dead, long live community involvement

19th September 2013, Comments 12 comments

"The classic welfare state will disappear," King Willem-Alexander said on September 17 in the annual Prinsjesdag or Prince's Day speech pronounced before both houses of Parliament.

 The welfare state is dead, long live community involvement
De Volkskrant

He added, however, that "all those who are able, are asked to take responsibility for their own lives and for those of their entourage".

Through this speech, says Dutch daily De Volkskrant, "Mark Rutte's (Liberal) government asked Dutch citizens for time, patience and help," because, although purchasing power is still falling and unemployment and public spending (€466bn, or more than 76 per cent of GDP) are rising, it needs -

The welfare state is dead, long live community involvementtime to attend to the economic recovery. Patience because results are achieved little by little. And help from the opposition, NGOs and common Dutch people who will have to pay and do more.

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  • carrico posted:

    on 25th September 2013, 15:05:55 - Reply

    Hmm, Depardieu. How does one say 'totalitarian' en francais?
  • Depardieu posted:

    on 21st September 2013, 23:18:35 - Reply

    To think that Putin introduced a 'flat tax' on 10% only, over whatever income you make... that makes USSR 'nouveau riche capitalist', doesn't it? Putin must have THE most efficient government administration :D

    Actor Gerard Depardieu ran away (from 75% French tax) to Russia recently - they have a promotion and hand out PR passes for a lot less than 1.25m EUR!! Mr Louis Vuitton ran away. They headed for low taxes, so PM Rutte won't see those any time soon at NL borders ;)

    In fact, did the story of Mr Snowden not already show the whole world what the code word 'democracy' stands for. I think it stands for 'totalitarian'
  • carrico posted:

    on 21st September 2013, 01:03:17 - Reply

    Welcome, comrades. We've been waiting for you. Yes, the cycle of history has taken a new twist. Confused? So are we. It's a hell of a time to be alive. Do you not agree?
  • roger posted:

    on 20th September 2013, 22:21:44 - Reply

    Errrrr, well guys, the Income Tax which used to be 52%..., well that has just been increased to 59%. Confirmed just a few hours ago.

    Welcome to the Communist land of the Netherlands!!
  • numbskulls posted:

    on 20th September 2013, 16:44:30 - Reply

    You could paraphrase that by saying " We have no idea what we're doing and are incompetent as all get out, so don't ask us for anything. On the other hand, you still have to pay 52% income tax, 21% VAT and all kinds of other fees and deal with bureaucracy that we won't reform. In fact, you can't help yourself too much, since we don't like that, and you still can't do whatever we decide you can't."

    And why would you be a second-class resident in a third class country with five-star taxes, when by investing 1/3 the same amount, you could become a permanent resident, and eventual citizen of one of the two best countries on each?

    The Hague has been delusional for quite a while, but the level of stupidity is a non-stop surprise-a-thon.
  • MKadin posted:

    on 20th September 2013, 14:10:18 - Reply

    Ronald Reagan, is alive and well here in Holland.
    All persons must do all for themselves, and those of aged must have their family help we in the government do not call us for we are not going to help. Those whose income falls below what is classified below a certain amount, well we also will not help you, you also must do for yourself.
    The very wealthy well they are doing well for themselves.
    Although all this is happening the bureaucrat, we are letting go so many for you are not required or needed to work in the government same for many agencies of government except for the wealthy and those who do not need oh sorry not wanted to help.
    Good Luck Holland and Rutte is also doing quiet well.

  • elvis posted:

    on 20th September 2013, 12:53:04 - Reply

    @Diana: They also said the scheme has been adopted by the US, Canada, and othercountries.

    Canada gets about 400grand Canadian dollar for that. The US EB-5 scheme requires about 500 grand. Both far less than the NL scheme and or sure they offer you far more opportunities for investement than the tiny NL.

    Sometimes I feel I really want to know what is the education of these "ministers" or how many hours a day they read.
  • Roger Melly posted:

    on 20th September 2013, 12:32:20 - Reply

    Whats also amazing to read is that government spending is increasing! What are they doing with it? They need to try 'bezuiniging'.
  • Diana posted:

    on 20th September 2013, 11:51:13 - Reply

    Today, MP Fred Teeven announced that any foreigner bringing in 1,25m EUR at the border, will be able to get a Permanent Residence.

    I guess this guy never analyzed what drives people to come to NL? all the ones trying to make their first 1m come to work(and take the 52% tax as a 'transaction cost').
    While anyone else, already owning that kind of money, is running as far away as possible to shelter that money and his kids away from the Dutch annual 1.2% wealth tax and the 30% inheritance tax. I'd like to see their faces when nobody turns up at the borders :)
  • elvis posted:

    on 20th September 2013, 11:23:39 - Reply

    @Simon: The tax money is still needed for the oversized government of the tiny netherlands as well as JSFs that are supposedly help dutch fight their neighbors.
  • Bruce posted:

    on 20th September 2013, 10:48:25 - Reply

    Will the King be asked to dip into his pocket to help out when the 'common Dutch people' have to pay more? Answers on a postcard...
  • Simon Sys posted:

    on 19th September 2013, 17:59:38 - Reply

    So presumably the government wont need that 52% tax social security payments any more?