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AD, Theft by personnel down



Theft by personnel down

Theft by retail sales staff has gone down by 10 percent. Last year, goods and cash totalling 170 million euro was stolen from cash registers, shop counters and warehouses. In 2005 this number had been as high as 190 million.

Exams One Year Earlier

Students who do well at school can take their final examination in one or more subjects one year earlier beginning from next year. This has been suggested by Minister of Education Maria Van der Hoeven and will be discussed at the cabinet meeting on Friday.

De Volkskrant

Nuon and Essent Merger

Energy giants Nuon and Essent are discussing merger plans. The supervisory councils of both companies voted in favour of the merger at the end of last week. The companies will announce their plans this week.

Parliament to Investigate Educational Reform

The Lower House of Parliament has begun an investigation into the new initiatives in public education introduced over the past twenty years, such as spaces for self-study, preparatory secondary vocational training (vmbo) and the “new learning” plan. The investigation comes in response to last week’s student protests.


Secretary Ross Pays 250 Euros to Informal Care Workers
Relatives and friends providing assistance to the elderly and sick will be paid an extra 250 euros per year.
The new regulation has been introduced by State Secretary Clémence Ross. All of the earlier plans to increase the yearly payment for those taking care of their relatives had failed.

KPN Rents Glass Fibre Network to Gazprom

KPN has been renting its glass fibre network to a company half-owned by the Russian Gazprom since yesterday.

Nederlands Dagblad

Rouvoet’s Future Unclear

An argument surrounding André Rouvoet’s future position has broken out within the Christian Union party (ChristenUnie). The party’s chairman Paul Blokhuis claimed that it would give the party a more recognisable voice if its leader Rouvoet stayed in the Parliament. Other sources say Rouvoet plans to become a minister in the new cabinet.

Het Financieele Dagblad

New Cabinet Breaks with Zalm’s Budget Policy

The Christian Democrats (CDA), the Labour Party (PvdA) and the Christian Union (ChristenUnie) are steering further away from Gerrit Zalm’s budget policies. They want to base the budget on realistic economy growth estimates, instead of a “cautious” forecast. That way additional funding may be considered.

De Telegraaf

Tax Authorities Goes After Company Cars

Tax authorities have launched a campaign against the drivers of company vehicles who cheat the tax services about the number of kilometres driven for private purposes. Number plates will be scanned at entertainment venues, home furnishing malls and amusement parks.

Nigerian Gang Had Millions in Fake Dollars

The police have discovered up to ten million fake US dollars in a former barracks in Schiedam. They also found gold allegedly worth millions of dollars; an examination showed that the gold, too, was fake. The finds belonged to a Nigerian criminal gang arrested last week in Amsterdam, Badhoevedorp and Rotterdam.

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