The Morning Newspapers – 1 February 2007

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Dutch newspapers – 1 February 2007

Dutch newspapers – 1 February 2007


Coming Back for New Hips

One in every ten patients has to repeat a knee, hip or shoulder operation due to the poor quality of the implants used, says Ruud Pöll, Chairman of the Orthopaedic Association of The Netherlands (Nederlandse Orthopedische Vereniging, NOV).

New Cabinet Criticized Already

The new cabinet has not even been formed yet, but the Christian Democrats (CDA), the Labour Party (PvdA) and the Christian Union (ChristenUnie) are already being severely criticised by the opposition. In their strategy, the future coalition parties count on a steady economic growth.

De Volkskrant

GroenLinks Rebels Against Halsema

The leader of the Green Left Party (GroenLinks) Femke Halsema is being bombarded with criticism within her own party. Many fellow party members are unhappy with the strategy she supports, the defeats in the elections and above all the hurried decision not to take part in the coalition.

Largest XTC Lab in Holland

The largest ecstasy manufacturing laboratory ever found in Holland has been working under the cover of a sun parlour. The neighbours of the lab raided on Tuesday evening at the Haarlemse Nijverheidsweg had been told that the parlour was manufacturing tanning equipment.


Gazprom Takes Control of European Telecom Network

The Russian group Sistema is expected to become the next shareholder in Telecom Italia, with President Putin’s support. This will indirectly make the Russians an operator of glass fibre networks in The Netherlands.

Het Financieele Dagblad

Foreign Banks Win Market Share

Foreign banks offering mortgages in the Netherlands have increased their market share considerably by forcing smaller banks and insurance companies out of the market.
The position of the ING was also put under pressure, as the 2006 Land Registry Office results have shown.

Bob Sijthoff: Bert Ploeg leaked info

Entrepreneur Bob Sijthoff blames his racing partner Bert Ploeg for the Binck bank data leakage in April last year. “It was stupid of me to have analysed the data with him. I thought he was more trustworthy”, Sijthoff said in an interview with Het Financieele Dagblad.

De Telegraaf

Stamp Twelve Cents Cheaper

Consumers pay too much for sending letters weighing up to five grams. The Christian Democrats (CDA) believe that the postal company TNT is taking advantage of its position as a monopoly. The price of the stamp should be reduced from 44 to 32 cents, the CDA says.

Revolution in Money Lending

Banks are facing serious competition from the on-line “loan markets”.
Starting from today clients can lend and borrow money at good rates without having to deal with a bank. Special “loan markets” have opened on line, allowing lenders and borrowers to meet without mediators.

Nederlands Dagblad

Ex-Prime Ministers Will Help New Cabinet

The new cabinet will ask ex-Prime Ministers Ruud Lubbers and Wim Kok to act as chairmen of two state committees. One of them would be studying the housing market and the other will focus on the population aging problem.

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