The Dutch news in September 2005

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1 September 2005New code to counter extremism in A'dam mosques

1 September 2005
New code to counter extremism in A'dam mosques

Mosques in Amsterdam are to present Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende with a copy of a protocol to help clerics spot extremist behaviour among their flock.

2 September 2005
World's oldest person killed by cancer 

Dutchwoman Hendrikje van Andel-Schipper, who held the title of the oldest person in the world, died this week as the result of stomach cancer. She passed away peacefully at the age of 115 years and two months in a care home in the north-eastern town of Hoogeveen on Tuesday morning. Van Andel-Schipper decided to leave her body to science when she was 82.

6 September 2005
Limit put on Big Baby's screen time

Producers' request for permission for unrestricted filming of the baby due to be born during the latest Dutch series of Big Brother is denied.

6 September 2005
Holloway suspect back in the Netherlands 

The Dutch teenager held for over two months in connection with the disappearance of Natalee Holloway on Aruba arrived back in the Netherlands on Tuesday morning. Joran van der S., 18, was freed from custody earlier this month but he told a reporter at Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport that he remains a suspect in the disappearance and suspected murder of the US school graduate.

6 September 2005
Police reveal biggest ever drugs haul 

Police have carried out arrests in the Netherlands, Belgium and Spain after containers with cocaine worth EUR 220 million were discovered at Rotterdam Port. The shipment consisted of two massive spools of steel cables which were being transported from Venezuela via Rotterdam and Antwerp to Iraq. The 4,600 kilos of drugs were hidden in special compartments built into the 4-metre high and 2-metre wide spools. This is the largest amount of cocaine seized in the Netherlands.

7 September 2005
Prosecution denies hiding evidence in murder case

Prosecution service (OM) admits making mistakes but denies withholding evidence as controversy over wrongful conviction in child murder case continues to grow. 

7 September 2005


Borssele stays open to 2033 
The sole nuclear power station in the Netherlands is to stay operational until 2033. Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende's centre-right coalition had earmarked it for closure in 2013. Ministers have been signalling a desire to backtrack from this commitment in recent months. Political sources in The Hague says Borssele's reprieve is assured after energy companies Essent and Delta, the plant's main shareholders, agreed to invest EUR 250 million to reduce CO2 emissions from their coal-fired stations. 

9 September 2005
Vigilance increased at metro and railway stations 

Vigilance is stepped up at metro and train stations around the Netherlands on Friday afternoon by order of Justice Minister Piet Hein Donner. The personnel of Dutch Rail NS and other transport companies are told to be extra alert for suspicious activities. The national anti-terrorist office NCTb said there was no question of a concrete threat of terrorist action in the Netherlands.

12 September 2005
State to appeal funding ban on SGP 

The government is to appeal against a decision by a court in The Hague to ban the State giving an annual EUR 800,000 grant to the small Christian Staatkundig Gereformeerde Partij (SGP). The court last week accepted the argument put forward a coalition of women's groups that the State should not fund a party that does not allow women to be full members. Social Affairs Minister Aart Jan de Geus said the centre-right coalition government will appeal against the court order.

13 September 2005
US files charges against Dutch 'insurgent'  
US law officers have charged a Dutchman with conspiring to kill American troops in Iraq. The indictment was filed in the US District Court in Washington and charges Wesam al D., 32, with conspiracy to bomb American convoys in Fallujah. The suspect, who was born in Fallujah, is accused of possessing explosives and plotting to use weapons of mass destruction.

14 September 2005
Millionaire's daughter freed after bizarre kidnap  
The daughter of a multimillionaire was freed unharmed by her kidnappers after a short abduction. The gang ordered Claudia Melchers, 37, out of their car in Arnhem late on Wednesday, Amsterdam detective chief Willem Woelders told a press conference on Thursday. It is not known where Melchers was taken following the abduction from her home in Amsterdam late on Monday.

14 September 2005
Street prostitution ends in Rotterdam 

Street prostitution on the Keileweg in Rotterdam came to an end on Tuesday night. Both Street walking and window prostitution are now illegal in the port city. Security personnel locked the gates at the entrance to the "open-air brothel" at 11.40pm. 

16 September 2005
IND blasted as permit complaints soar

The Immigration Minister said on Thursday the National Audit Office report would be "useful in the process of designing a more effective, effecient and customer-friendly IND". She told the media that the IND would take the the Sociale Verzekeringsbank - which manages several social benefit schemes - as its model of how to re-organise its affairs successfully. The audit office studied how the IND handled residence permit applications from 2001 to 2005. It reported a lack of leadership, cooperation and communication at every level of the system.

16 September 2005
Man gets 16 years for killing pregnant wife 
A 31-year-old man who brought his 18-month-old daughter to McDonald's after murdering his wife was sentenced on Friday. The victim, 29, was five months pregnant on 16 December last year when she was suffocated in the family home in Zaandam.

20 September 2005
Main points of Budget 2006

There was also a large presence of police as fences were erected in the city centre to ensure security and order as the Queen started the journey in the traditional golden coach from Noordeinde Palace to Parliament buildings in The Hague. 

20 September 2005
Large weapons cache seized  

Police in The Hague seized a large quantity of weapons and ammunition during searches in the area last month. The haul included dozens of machine guns and rifles and at least 10,000 rounds of ammunition. The Public Prosecutor's Office (OM) confirmed a report about the find in Tuesday's edition of newspaper 'het Algemeen Dagblad'. The weapons were intended for the international trade in illegal arms rather than for terrorist activity within the Netherlands. There were also some older weapons which were to be sold to collectors.

21 September 2005
Winnie is not a puma, just a really big and wild kittycat 

The 'puma' that sparked searches by Dutch police and hunters in the Veluwe national park during the summer has been unmasked. The elusive but photo-friendly feline, dubbed Winnie, was initially thought to be a potentially dangerous puma. Then video footages taken by trackers from Dutch big cat sanctuary Pantera led to speculation Winnie was a cross between a puma and a jaguar. And a clever one too: weeks of searches by experts failed to catch the cat which was prowling the woods near the Dutch cities of Apeldoorn and Ede. But new high-resolution pictures reveal Winnie is not a 'big cat' but a really big wildcat, according to biologist Gerrit Jansen.

23 September 2005
State faces damages claim over child-porn scandal 
Brazilian victims of two Dutch child porn merchants are seeking compensation and an apology from the Netherlands for allowing the men to avoid jail. The Dutchmen from the naval city of Den Helder were sentenced to eight and 12 years by a court in Brazil in December 2003 for making 9,000 nude photos of underage girls. The defendants were granted bail pending the outcome of an appeal on condition they surrender their passports. The Dutch consulate in Rio de Janeiro promised the men would not leave the country before the case was finalised. But when it became clear they would have to serve the sentences, the men obtained emergency passports from the Dutch consulate and fled back to the Netherlands.

23 September 2005
International agency expats 'want out of the Netherlands' 

At least 77 percent of the mainly expat staff of international agencies in the Netherlands want to leave the country. And more than half of the Dutch employees think their organisation should relocate to another country, according to a report in newspaper 'De Volkskrant'. The daily paper based its story on a leaked internal survey carried out last summer by the International Organisations Staff Associations (IOSA-NL), which represents staff members of international agencies. These include the International Criminal Court, the UN Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia, the International Court of Justice, the European Patent Office, the European Space Agency and Europol. The majority are based in and around The Hague.

27 September 2005
Man held for spitting at Verdonk 
A cyclist, 19, who tried to spit in the face of Immigration and Integration Minister Rita Verdonk at the weekend was still in police custody on Tuesday morning. Verdonk was on a family outing with her husband and children when the incident occurred on the Leidsestraat in Amsterdam. The minister was able to avert her head to avoid the flying saliva. A bodyguard, who was guarding the minister, detained the man and handed him over to police.

28 September 2005
Dutch vehicle wins World Solar Challenge in Australia

Nuna 3 wins the World Solar Challenge, the third time a Dutch-built vehicle achieves victory in the 3,000 kilometre race for solar-electric cars in Australia.

28 September 2005
Dutch economy still lagging behind Swiss, Scandinavia

The Netherlands does not feature in the ranking of top economic performers that is compiled by the World Economic Forum (WEF). It has been many years since the Netherlands has appeared in the socio-economic think tank's top 10. A number of other small European countries - Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Switzerland - are in the top 10. Finland is actually in first place, followed by the US. In contrast, the Netherlands' position has not improved noticeably compared with last year.

30 September 2005
Minister proposes expelling newcomers for any crime

Immigration and Integration Minister Rita Verdonk wants to introduce a 'one strike and you are out' policy for newcomers found guilty of any crime.

30 September 2005
Government produces brochure on terror 
The Dutch government is to distribute a brochure door-to-door to outline the threat posed by terrorism and what the authorities are doing about it. The brochure is part of a nationwide publicity campaign to explain the steps that are being taken and how the public can help, justice and home affairs ministers, Piet Hein Donner and Johan Remkes, said in a joint letter to parliament on Friday. It has not been announced when the campaign will begin but preparations are underway.

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