Ten squats cleared in Amsterdam

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18 October 2005, AMSTERDAM — Riot police arrested five people on Tuesday as 10 squatted buildings in the Dutch capital were cleared in a large-scale operation.

18 October 2005

AMSTERDAM — Riot police arrested five people on Tuesday as 10 squatted buildings in the Dutch capital were cleared in a large-scale operation.

Some of the buildings had been barricaded but the occupants scarcely put up any resistance, the police said.

Units of the Mobiele Eenheid, dressed in riot gear, began the operation by clearing a building on the Holendrechtstraat in Amsterdam's Rivierenbuurt.

Three squatters were arrested when officers took control of a building on the Heiligeweg in the city centre.

Two squatters were arrested when paint was thrown at ME officers evacuating an occupied building on the Ceintuurbaan The ME used a water canon briefly to overwhelm the resistance.

The police then turned attention on a squat on the Reguliersbreestraat and six other buildings in Amsterdam and Amstelveen.

The police action was part of its regular squat-clearing policy. Three times a year, the ME goes around the city to clear out buildings occupied by squatters.

A squat on the Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal was cleared on Saturday, a few days earlier than planned because the police felt a party in the building was getting out of hand.

The ME arrested 14 squatters, most of whom remain in custody.

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