Teens choose abortion more often

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Terminations are performed at an earlier stage on average than in the past.

15 November 2007

UTRECHT  - Pregnant teens are opting to have abortions more often than in the past. This has emerged from figures published by the Rutger Nisso Group on Thursday.

The total number of abortions performed in the Netherlands in 2006 was 32,992. This amounts to 8.6 cases per 1,000 women aged 15 to 45. The number has remained virtually stable since 1992, the group reports.

Last year 13.3 percent of pregnant women chose to have an abortion. 14 percent of these 33,000 women was from abroad. There was a total of 5,400 pregnant teenagers, 3,600 of whom (66 percent) opted to terminate their pregnancies.




Girls of Moroccan and Surinamese background more often opt for an abortion, in 79 and 75 percent of cases, respectively, when faced with an unplanned pregnancy. Native Dutch teens opt for an abortion in 60 percent of cases.

The Rutger Nisso Group says that pregnancies are being terminated earlier on average. In more than a third of cases (35 percent), the termination was performed in the first four weeks after conception.

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