TV viewers file Queen’s Day attack damage claims

24th July 2009, Comments 5 comments

Insurance company and specialists have received damage claims by TV and internet viewers who saw bodies flying in the Queen’s Day attack.

The Netherlands – TV views who saw the footage of the Queen’s Day attack on TV and on the internet have filed claims for emotional damages, reports AD

According to the paper, insurance company Reaal and damages claim specialists SAP in Amersfoort have received claims by people who are seeking shock damages for seeing bodies fly through the air when it was broadcasted live on TV.

During the Queen’s Day royal procession, a troubled man drove his car at high speed through a crowd of spectators in an attempted attack on the royal family, leaving eight people dead.

The AD reports people are trying to extend shock damages beyond the current strict criteria. It also warns of the danger of commercialising sorrow.

Arno Akkermans, Professor of Law at VU University Amsterdam, agrees.

"It's becoming a kind of test case to find out where the boundaries of shock damage lie," said Akkermans.

The paper concludes: "It's bad enough that people are now claiming shock damages for having seen a film on YouTube. But it’s even worse that there are lawyers prepared to supports such claims."

Jaap Smit, director of Victim Support in the Netherlands, dismisses the claims as "inappropriate" and "hopeless".

Radio Netherlands / Expatica

5 Comments To This Article

  • gj posted:

    on 29th July 2009, 12:15:11 - Reply

    Bloody lawyers, as if they haven't enough ways to rob people and screw up society. Immoral money grabbing Scum living of the back of their collegues in power.
  • P. Stewart posted:

    on 26th July 2009, 16:38:45 - Reply

    How pathetic.... an easy way to make money is perhaps the real motive... for both "victim" and (particularly) the lawyers concerned! I, too was watching the live TV footage... this story has prompted me now to think that maybe I can make a quick buck too. Erm, no, I'm not amoral enough! This is just plain ridiculous and a sad reflection of how things work today.
  • Lorelee Eusebio posted:

    on 25th July 2009, 13:18:11 - Reply

    Is that for real? there are much more 'shocking' things that has been shown. people have a choice not to watch or to just take it as it is.. it happens all over the world at any given time.
  • Chris Bradley posted:

    on 25th July 2009, 11:10:07 - Reply

    Tell them to get on with life and not be so stupid. It's all a part of life, same as living through WW.II and me being a policeman.

    Tell them to grow up, and think about those people whom they saw thrown through the air.
  • dick zandwyk posted:

    on 25th July 2009, 05:31:42 - Reply

    Can we still file claims for shock emotinal damage for World WarII
    films of the bombings????