TBS man jailed for incitement to kill

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17 June 2005AMSTERDAM — An appeals court in the Dutch city of Leeuwarden has imposed an eight year jail term on a man who incited a friend to stab a woman.

17 June 2005

AMSTERDAM — An appeals court in the Dutch city of Leeuwarden has imposed an eight year jail term on a man who incited a friend to stab a woman.

She survived the attempt to kill her. The man, 35, who instigated the attack was on a trial release from a TBS secure clinic at the time.

This case comes in the same week that another offender, Wilhelm Schippers, 40, allegedly murdered an elderly man while on the run from a TBS clinic. Schippers has been remanded in custody.

The Schippers case has prompted parliament to order a thorough review of the TBS system, under which offenders with psychiatric difficulties are supposed to be rehabilitate in a secure environment before being returned to society.

The attempt to kill the woman occurred in April 2003 in Groningen. The trial court imposed a four year sentence on the TBS patient. He denied he had anything to do with the attack and lodged the appeal.

The higher court accepted the prosecution's case and increased his sentence to eight years.

The judges hearing the appeal said the defendant had convinced his therapists that it was safe to release him. But had not adhered to an agreement to refrain from drinking alcohol while free.

Society, the court said, had to be protected from the man by an increase in his sentence. He will be returned to a TBS clinic when he has completed his jail term. Therapists can demand he remains there until judged to be reformed.

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