Survey: How valuable is expatriate support?

29th March 2010, Comments 0 comments

Have you had any form of expatriate support, such as language courses, intercultural training, job mentoring or country briefings? If so, then you can help us to investigate the value of expatriate support through filling out a five-minute questionnaire.

In today's global economy it is crucial to acquire, develop and retain employees who possess global knowledge and experiences. Recognising this, preparing employees for their assignment abroad with intercultural trainings seems to be the most effective way towards a good adjustment, which leads to a successful assignment abroad. However, there is a lack of clear empirical evidence demonstrating the efficacy of intercultural training. In this study we test for the influences of different intercultural training participation on the adjustment of employees expatriated to the Netherlands.  Therefore only expatriates who have participated in some kind of training (language course, intercultural training) before moving abroad are kindly asked to participate in this survey.
Click here to take the five-minute survey.

This study is being carried out by a researcher at the Universiteit van Amsterdam.

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