Strongest storm in 4 years reaks havoc

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19 January 2007 (first update)

19 January 2007 (first update)

AMSTERDAM — The south-westerly storm that hit the Netherlands on Thursday afternoon was the strongest storm since 27 October 2002.

But an even stronger storm was recorded on 25 January 1990 when 17 people were killed. That storm recorded wind speeds of 'wind strength 11'.

Thursday's storm measured wind speeds of wind strength 10.

And having battered much of the country on Thursday, it eventually declined in ferocity towards the end of the evening.

Wind gusts were still occuring on Friday, but they were much weaker than the winds reported on Thursday.
Wind speeds of 100 to 130kmh were reported on Thursday, causing widespread structural damage and transport problems.

But meteorological bureau KNMI withdrew its storm alarm shortly after 11pm on Thursday.

The Interior Ministry's National Crisis Centre also withdrew is warning, having earlier urged the public to stay indoors and off the road.

The NCC website, has been visited 3.5 million times. Some 7,000 people rang the telephone information line.

At least EUR 200 million in structural damage was caused by Thursday's storm.

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