Stories of women's struggles and success

Stories of women's struggles and success

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Our selection of articles about and of particular interest to women.

Profiles and interviews

Four trends  helping women in business move ahead

Women in Business: The Silk Road to the Top

Saint Johanna': Iceland's gay feminist

Iraq's ex-minister for women's rights speaks out

Activist: Women in Morocco -- progress but 'could do better'

Michelle Obama a voice for women in the White House

Afghan MP is successful but a victim of tradition


 Dutch lead EU in rate of part-time women workers: agency

Women do best in Sweden, Belgium, Norway

UN urged to quickly establish super-agency for women

First black woman tipped for top French book prize

Angela Merkel: Germany's successful, cautious chancellor

Rapists, hunger and hyenas stalk displaced Somali women

Prisoners turn beauticians at Malaysia's 'Jail Spa'

Killing for honour in India

Sniff: women cry more than men, and for longer

US 'Band of Sisters' hope to inspire Afghan girls

Women-only demining teams tackle South Sudan's legacy of war

In UAE, marriage is seen as the key to national identity

Delhi slum women hail a taxi to equality

Where have East Germany's women gone?

Beauty in Venezuela is matter of pride, and scalpels

Lagerfeld: 'No one wants to see curvy women'

Justice denied for Bosnian war rape victims

India's mothers-in-law fight back against 'persecution'

Tantrums and tiaras in Bogota prison

'Mummy' Merkel, trying to court women voters

Women in poor countries bear brunt of cancer epidemic

Yemen child bride, 12, dies giving birth: rights group

Turkish women lured to take part in fake TV show

Freed Sudan trouser woman vows to keep up campaign

Doyenne of reporters still proud of World War scoop at 97

Forbes: Merkel still world's most powerful woman

Merkel: Fight for equal pay

Frau Power: The animated 'Angie'

Women pickier than men about one-night stands

Thailand's wine industry gets a woman's touch

Merkel’s challenger packs shadow cabinet with women

Poll: British women want to be curvy not thin

Poise, power as women make mark in the cricket world

Croatia's first woman PM set to take office

Despite risks, skin-lightening creams still seduce in Senegal

Burkas not welcome in France: Sarkozy

Three women set to paddle across the Atlantic

Local elections to mark another quiet step for women

Move over page-one girl, here comes German 'Bild' boy

Jail for female circumcisers in Senegal

Women candidates sidelined in Lebanon vote

Blonde therapy lifts spirits in crisis-hit Latvia

German mothers who work full-time happiest, study says

Beauty plays the beast in lingerie football

Saudi judge says OK to slap spendthrift wife

Kuwaitis punish Islamists, vote for women

Saudi women pioneers brave clerics with ball games

Kuwaitis punish Islamists, vote for women

Iraq women learn to read in schooling against terror

Saint Johanna': Iceland's gay feminist

Afghan female provincial legislator gunned down

Vagina Monologues exposes divide in Kyrgyzstan

Afghan singer's new refrain is a call for freedom

Indonesian women seek to oust men from parliament

German women march for equal pay

Indonesian porn law turns off folk dancers

Healthcare remote for most Pakistani women

Paris museum to open year-long show on women in art

Feminist university launched in Tunisia

Benin filmmaker takes her fight against child labor to school

Economic slump in Europe could hit women hardest

Obama creates women’s panel

IPU: Record number of women parliamentarians in 2008

Russia bans women drivers... on the metro

French archbishop scoops 'Macho of the Year' award

In baby steps, Saudi women rise up



 Lebanese feminists hold a sit-in on the occasion of the International Women's Day in Beirut on March 8, 2009.

UN chief: End violence against women

Controversial Tunisian film highlights gender inequality

Women's Day marks crisis of poverty, violence

A century on, Women's Day is a reminder of enduring inequities

Women still under-represented in European politics

Fear of death stalks Pakistani women in Swat 

Obama hails women leaders, calls for more participation

Obama mulls post for international women's issues

Clinton honors women's rights, calls for equality 

Vatican says washing machine brought rights to women


  Turkish Kurd women hold placards reading 'Long live 8 March,' and chant slogans on International Women's Day on March 8, 2009 in Istanbul where more than 5000 women gathered to mark International Women's Day. The day serves as a reminder of the fields in which women must still battle for fundamental rights, and where they remain victims of violence and enduring inequalities.

Bangladesh women, children bear scars of acid attacks

Women leaders demand equal rights on Women's Day eve

Berlusconi faces 'sexist' complaint

Jordanian teenager kills sister over alleged affair

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