Spring-roll vendor attacked by man

13th October 2008, Comments 4 comments

A vegetarian beat up a stallholder for selling only meat spring-rolls in Zwolle.

13 October 2008

ZWOLLE -- A stallholder selling spring-rolls was assaulted by a man in a shopping centre in the city of Zwolle.

The man asked for a vegetarian version of a spring-roll and was told that there was none. He allegedly lost his temper and hit the stallholder repeatedly in the face and head.

A security guard managed to detain the hotheaded vegetarian and hand him over to the police.

[Radio Netherlands / Expatica]  

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  • meekins posted:

    on 15th October 2008, 22:46:50 - Reply

    It's interesting to think about if places stopped providing meat. Then THAT would be a different story. The phrases "expect everyone else to accomodate it" and "who cares" wouldn't apply to that situation and it would all of a sudden become VERY important! Unfortunately that won't be happening any time soon.
  • Voodoo Doll posted:

    on 15th October 2008, 11:14:50 - Reply

    Sounds like a anger management issue not a vergetarian issue! I get fustrated about a lot of things but I don't beat people up over it.
    As far as being a fustrated vegetarian, who cares??? I mean if you want to live a lifestyle live it but do not expect everyone else to accomodate it?
  • jimmy-b posted:

    on 14th October 2008, 12:55:42 - Reply

    The vegetarian should not feel that the seller is obligated to sell the vegetarian version, if there is not a strong enough market why stock it.
  • meekins posted:

    on 14th October 2008, 11:46:30 - Reply

    Being vegetarian, I can understand the frustration of the world being obsessed with meat and often not offering vegetarian options (other than salad!!) BUT I would never lash out like that...what a nutter.