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12 August 2005, AMSTERDAM — The Netherlands becomes a television station richer on Saturday as broadcaster Talpa launches with a diet of sports, celebrities and reality shows.

12 August 2005

AMSTERDAM — The Netherlands becomes a television station richer on Saturday as broadcaster Talpa launches with a diet of sports, celebrities and reality shows.

It was being reported in Friday that Max Westerman, the America correspondent for rival broadcaster RTL, is the latest celebrity to defect to the new station owned by Big Brother creator and media tycoon John de Mol.

Talpa launches at 7.30pm in the channel slot that previously hosted children's network Nickelodeon. Broadcasting from 6pm in the following days, the station has the rights to screen Dutch premiere division football, which also begins this weekend.

The football rights were snatched away from public broadcaster Nederland 2, although the latter retains Champions League matches.

Another flagship programme on Talpa will be NSE - news, sports and entertainment - presented by television celebrities Beau van Erven Dorens and Bridget Maasland. If the reports on Friday prove correct, Westerman will be the third co-presenter of show.

During its first week on air, Talpa will also feature a beach foot-volley-ball competition from Aruba last sumer, the occasional movie, a Dutch drama series and a reality show.

Talpa has already generated controversy and publicity by the news it will screen a one-off sperm-donor reality show when the station gets into its stride. The programme will continue if it proves a success with the viewers.

The broadcaster will also have the new series of Big Brother, this time featuring a pregnant woman who will, the station hopes, give birth live on camera.

The appearance of Talpa has led to a shake up among its rivals. Broadcaster SBS 6 has renewed its logo and RTL (RTL 4. RTL 5 and YORIN) has gone further.

YORIN disappears on Friday to be replaced by RTL 7 and RTL 5 will take over most of the programming which was on YORIN.

RTL 7 will show a lot of the former RTL 5 programmes, including the business news broadcast under the RTL Z banner.

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