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Searching for the right MBA programme is no small task. Director of the RSM part-time Executive MBA programme, Ms. Angela Dickerson is in a great position to share her helpful suggestions on how best to highlight both personal and professional qualities and maximise chances for admission. In this brief interview, Ms. Dickerson shares her ideas.

What are the key factors you consider when evaluating an EMBA applicant?
The key factors we consider are career progression, appreciation for diversity, commitment, maturity, and leadership.  Our EMBA Programme is designed for working professionals who want to continue advancing in their careers without taking time out to pursue an advanced business degree.  Pursuing an MBA is a significant investment of time and monetary resources, and most of our students are also juggling family responsibilities in addition to busy careers.  It is important that the applicant have clear goals for what they want to get out of the programme.  Naturally, goals vary – from starting one’s own company, to changing industries, to shifting functions; however, knowing what you want to get out of the programme will enable you to maximise the course work, the diversity of your classmates, and the opportunities that you seek.   

What is the ideal timing to submit an EMBA application?
Our programme begins in early to mid January annually.   The ideal time to submit an application is late summer or early autumn.  Timing is important as there are more places available in the programme during this time.  It is also ideal to complete your application early as we consider applications on a rolling deadline basis.  If a candidate is concerned about his or her quantitative ability, early application ensures that he or she will be able to work with our Admissions office to identify additional resources that may be helpful to prepare for the programme’s start.  Many of our participants are professionals who completed their degrees at least 9 or 10 years ago and our programme is fast paced.  Getting reacquainted with statistics and accounting before the programme starts is time well spent.   

How selective is the RSM EMBA programme?  
Yes, we see ourselves as selective.  The RSM EMBA programme strives to bring together the highest calibre of management talent.  A thorough process combined with a “one-to-one counseling-based” approach to admissions permits us to truly go in-depth in understanding our potential candidates, focus their objectives and be assured that they will absolutely benefit from the EMBA programme.  In short, we help applicants look to look their best and shine and thus, increase their chances for admission to the programme.

With three top international MBA Programmes, how do I know the EMBA is right for me?  
The RSM Executive MBA programme is geared to professionals who have been in a management role for several years and have on average 8 years of professional experience.  The programme is designed to permit rising management talent gain new and broader skills and knowledge, increase personal and professional networks and fine-tune their personal leadership style.  Those who are substantially experienced, truly dedicated to developing personally and professionally within the scope of their current position and have full employer endorsement are very likely candidates for the RSM EMBA programme.

Is the RSM EMBA programme exclusively for Dutch Executives?

The RSM Executive MBA programme clearly sets itself apart as the leading Executive MBA programme in the Netherlands for expatriates.  Regularly on this programme we see more than 40% non-Dutch participants.  Our international reputation as well as extensive international academic network make us a strong choice for those who have careers that are global in scope. The number of international applicants to the RSM EMBA programme has been growing substantially for several years now.  We are seeing more and more EMBA participants coming in from Germany, Ukraine, Belgium, France and the U.K.  Ironically, our Dutch Executives prefer this highly internationalized environment and consistently give us positive feedback about the strong in-flow of expatriate colleagues.

What makes the RSM EMBA programme unique?
The RSM EMBA programme is unique in many ways, but a clear example is assured our approach to business learning.  Having a truly diverse and highly qualified group of participants, we are able to introduce truly innovative methodologies.  Our P.L.D. programme is a differentiating element of our EMBA. PLD takes an individual development approach to assist you in acquiring and practicing key leadership competencies in self-management and relationship management. Teaching methods include in-class exercises, simulations, group work, discussions, case studies and mentoring. It permits you to apply yourself in real situations, receive feedback on your performance, re-examine your actions, and try again. This is about reflection, discovery, and application.
Additionally, we require our EMBA participants to undertake two international study trips during the 24 month programme as well as the EMBA project (an in-company project) – both designed to give managers broader perspectives about business and society while substantially increasing professional performance.
How important is it that I demonstrate diversity in my application?
Creating an environment where our EMBA participants can think creatively is vitally important to RSM.  Our EMBA participants often tell us they learn as much from their peers as they do from our world class faculty.  We consider this a point of pride.  A classroom that boasts professionals from over 30 nationalities from varied functions such as accounting, engineering, consulting, marketing, and finance is powerful.  We like to think that our classroom is a microcosm of the world.  In short, it is essential that your application demonstrate diversity.  Perhaps start by articulating how you can add value to the classroom.  We often are quite aware of how much we have to learn, but we fail to ask ourselves what our peers can learn from us.   

To find out more about the RSM Executive MBA (EMBA) programme you can contact:
Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University
The RSM MBA Admissions Office

Tel: +31 (0)10 4082222
E-mail: mba.info@rsm.nl


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