Slavery in Hague ambassadors homes

26th March 2011, Comments 5 comments

Ambassadors and senior diplomats in The Hague are guilty of exploiting and imprisoning their domestic staff. Embassy servants have told Radio Netherlands Worldwide and Dutch daily their stories of abuse.

An Indonesian domestic servant working for a South American diplomat had to hand in her passport and employment contract, was forbidden to leave the house and had to work seven days a week for a low wage. A Philippine servant of a former Saudi ambassador also had her passport confiscated and was confined to the house for five years, until she finally escaped with her children. The cases are nothing short of “modern slavery”, says lawyer Antoinette Vlieger.

Radio Netherlands Worldwide and are now aware of of confinement, exploitation and psychological abuse of domestic staff in The Hague, the Dutch city in which nearly all foreign embassies are located. The diplomats involved are from the Middle East, Europe, Asia and Latin America. They often make use of cheap labour from the Philippines or Indonesia.

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  • it takes two to tango posted:

    on 31st March 2011, 09:54:41 - Reply

    Yianni, in this day and age there is NO excuse you could give that will pardon the dutch as it's in their country on their watch and so if i was you i would stop doing the dutch thing about they are innocent and it's everyone else's fault. It takes two to tango and it's common for the dutch to be lazy and not over see such atrocities. What if it was your mother? Yeah I am sure you would be singing a different tune! Your humanless! And so are the dutch. They allow this in their government and their country there is something really wrong here pal and it's not all of the diplomats fault!. Any where there are immigrants there is gonna be this kind of abuse. The Dutch think theri country is so great and they can just put out their cigarettes on anyone's back. They are arrogant without a doubt. And yes it was the fault of the Dutch. They allow this and it will happen.
  • Yianni posted:

    on 31st March 2011, 03:36:44 - Reply

    Actually its the foreign diplomats abusing their diplomatic privileges that are the problem - not the Dutch

    Thus sort of thing can happen anywhere

    Look to the offenders - middle east and African diplomats

  • A Freebie 4 de dutch posted:

    on 30th March 2011, 14:01:46 - Reply

    The dutch are grubby pigs who want a free ride every where they go! That's why they won't leave Holland cause the world is onto them and if your smart charge them ten times more than everyone else!!!
  • Vineta posted:

    on 30th March 2011, 13:48:55 - Reply

    The domestic workers are illegal in the country, then, if I understand right? otherwise they can be employed for the low wage (official wages are fixed), and agree to be "locked up". Real shame on diplomats - they receive generous compensations to cover their living expenses; and, in any case, they are supposed to be a facade of their own country!...
  • typical posted:

    on 26th March 2011, 14:01:35 - Reply

    typical Holland, A country that encourages cheap labor. Skankville!!!!!!!!