'Sedation as alternative to euthanasia'

21st March 2008, Comments 1 comment

There are indications that doctors have been using sedation as an alternative for euthanasia, a study published today shows.

21 March 2008

ROTTERDAM – There are indications that doctors have been using sedation as an alternative for euthanasia. This has emerged from a study published in the British Medical Journal on Friday by doctor Judith Rietjens of the Rotterdam Erasmus Medical Centre.
In palliative sedation a terminal patient is administered medicine to gradually put them in a deep sleep from which he or she never awakes.

State secretary for Public Health Jet Bussemaker denied this week in Parliament that doctors use sedation in order to avoid performing euthanasia.

A doctor does not have to start any special legal procedure in order to use sedation. Special legal steps are necessary in the case of euthanasia. Moreover sedation takes a more natural course; it cannot be said in advance when the patient will die.

In euthanasia there is a direct connection between the doctor's actions and the death of the patient. Many doctors have major reservations about performing euthanasia. They find it unpleasant and worry about possible legal consequences.

Rietjens argues for more investigation into the use of sedation, among doctors, patients and family members of terminally ill patients.

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  • aquarian29 posted:

    on 21st March 2008, 21:20:14 - Reply

    I think the proper authorities should dig deeply into this issue. This study may be true. I hope something should be done.

    One concern which is very disturbing to me too has something to do with the value of life. To be a doctor means having the vocation to treat the sick and to save lives. But it looks like doing so has limits and conditions. Are health insurance companies dictating and controlling the physician's to do their homework? Pity the patients then, medical expense is beyond quota, therefore sorry, the doctor can do no more, or he will be in trouble with the health insurance company.

    I have not overcome yet the pain and sorrow after my husband died so young as a result of negligence and mismanagement of his health condition.