School attendance officers deployed at Schiphol

10th June 2008, Comments 3 comments

The officers at the airport will check whether students absent from school are going away with their parents before school vacation begins officially.

10 June 2008

AMSTERDAM - Amsterdam city council has decided to deploy school attendance officers at Schiphol Airport to check whether students are going on holiday with their parents before the official end of the school term.

Education Councillor Lodewijk Asscher says he wants to crack down on what has been termed “luxury absenteeism”.

He said schools are becoming increasingly annoyed at parents who take their children with them on holiday a few days before the end of term.  

De Volkskrant writes that schools are extremely annoyed by the fact that so many pupils are absent in the days preceding the vacation. The schools say they hope to crack down on luxury absenteeism.

[Radio Netherlands / Frank Scimone / Expatica]

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3 Comments To This Article

  • Me posted:

    on 12th June 2008, 14:21:16 - Reply

    Your children are yours but if they will be a burden on the social system in the future then the Government has a right to step in and stop that.

    Education is a childs right and at Wanjiku.. Nikii ureka wee.. The child is for the community and a good education is the basis of a better future.
  • kelev posted:

    on 12th June 2008, 07:42:33 - Reply

    I can't think of a better indictment against any "educational" system than the fact that intrusive civil servants need to employed to force parents into keeping their kids in school.

    If schools were actually providing a worthwhile experience, you wouldn't need to force people to attend.
  • wanjiku posted:

    on 11th June 2008, 11:10:15 - Reply

    Does my son belong to me or the government?

    Since when and why?

    How do i get my freedom back?